Christmas Decorating


Does any one know when they start decorating for Christmas? Thinking of takning grandsons in Nov sometime, but would love for “all” the decorations to be up for them to experience the Christmas Disney Style.


I believe it’s the week before Thanksgiving. We’ve gone the week after and they’re always up then. You’re going to love it. Wait till you see the castle.:wub:


Decorations go up just before Thanksgiving (week before). It is amazing that one day there is nothing, and the next day it is fully decorated. It really does get you into the holiday spirit.


We are headed down Nov. 6 - Nov. 15. (Fri throught the next Sunday) On Tuesday, I believe we have a MVMCP so the decorations will be up in MK. We did the same trip last year and MK was all decked out for the Holidays long before the other parks. Two years ago when we went at that time, HS was all decorated which surprised us and after food and wine was over they were already putting up the decorations in Epcot. Was interesting watching the white archway being assembled each day. We did not get to see that happen last year. Kathy


I’m not sure when they show the decorations but they are already putting lights on the castle, the crane was out this past weekend putting them on.


Wow already decorating!! We went two years ago for Christmas and it was amazing!!! The castle was absolutely breath taking!! Make sure you have plenty of film or video or whatever is the newest way of taking pictures and video’s because there is so much to see that you truly can’t remember all of the decorations. One recommendation is to take warm clothing. It was so cold when we were there that the fake snow they were making wasn’t melting. You really thought you were in New York City in December.
Have a Great Trip!!:redface:


They’ve already started putting the Castle lights on. Kind of annoying seeing a giant crane behind the castle everyday putting the lights on. Not sure why they’re not doing it at night. But it’s just a few more days. And the payoff is going to be unbelievable as it has been the past 2 years.


I can’t wait to see it again. I remember in 2007 it was so beautiful.


Disney for Christmas is something everyone should see it’s beyond words


I have to agree. If I only go once a year, it would have to be then every time.