Christmas decorations question (help us decide)


Daniel and I are trying to decide when to take our next big WDW trip, meaning our 8-dayer. I know I JUST got back but like a trusty MB friend says, “Life is always better when you have a Disney trip planned.” Boy is that true. ANYWAY, we decided we DO NOT want to do late August again next year. These would be our choices:

  1. Jersey week '07 (We’d probably go about November 3rd-10th)

  2. Christmas Break '07 (Probably Dec. 23rd - 30th)

Here are the considerations:

  • The WHOLE POINT is we REALLY REALLY want to be there for Christmas decor. Is that time in November too early for that? When do the Christmas decorations start?

  • If we go during Jersey week it’s less DVC points, less crowds, but I would most likely have to take 3 days off of work UNPAID.

  • If we go during Christmas break its MORE DVC points, MORE crowds, BUT I wouldn’t have to take ANY days off, and there would DEFIANTELY be Christmas decorations.

Please advise :happy:


I don’t know if the decorations would be up that soon in November. :noo:

But I sure as heck wouldn’t want to go over Christmas break!! :noo: :noo: :noo:

I hope people can tell you for sure when the decorations go up, because I would say go for November!!


HMMMMM…that’s tough! If it were me, I’d choose Christmas break. If you want to see Holiday decor, I don’t think they put out the decorations until around Thanksgiving. If you go during Jersey Week, you probably wouldn’t see them! Well, they probably would be doing some finishing touches on the decorations, but not sure if everything would be lit and ready to showcase.

If you want to go when crowds are lighter, DEFINITELY Jersey Week. But if it’s Christmas decorations and holiday festivities are what you’re looking for, CHRISTMAS BREAK is the easy answer.

I know it will be crowded for Christmas Break, but you will be IMMERSED in Holiday spirit during your whole trip. And you’re no stranger to crowds… you go in August! :blink: Since you go to WDW VERY frequently, you don’t have to feel like you must “FIT IT ALL IN”. So what if it’s a little crowded???



I don’t know when they go up either, but they sure stayed up for a long time after Christmas last year. We were there until Jan. 12 and they still had almost everything up! I think they were just starting to take a few things down that day. And the crowds in Jan. are great!


If it’s a help to anyone consider the following…

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party ends Oct. 31st but the Very Merry Christmas Party doesn’t start until Nov/ 13th.

So it looks like “Jersey Week” is right in the middle of trasition?! Going to the Christmas Party is NOT a priority we would just REALLY REALLY want the Wilderness Lodge to have the tree up in the lobby and everything.



i cannot take a full week off in January. It’s those two dates or nothing. hehe.


Thanks Kim, I had a sneaking suspicion you’d be a Christmas voter :wink: We actually AREN’T used to crowds honestly, when we go those last weeks in August it is actually pretty slow. The free dining has increased it but late August has always been a pretty slow time. I haven’t been during a holiday, or peak season, since I was a kid. Daniel HATES big crowds though.


Yeah thinking back on it I’m pretty sure the decorations don’t go up until Thanksgiving. So if that’s what is really important to you, then you’d better plan on Christmas week.

Just make sure you’re staying at a resort you’ll :heart:, in case you feel like spending extra time there to avoid the crowds. :wink:


ugh. Why would they start the Very Merry Christmas Party in November if the decorations weren’t up? I am so split on this. hehe.


OOOOOO, wait, maybe if I called the Wilderness Lodge and told them we were going to be there November 3rd-10th they’d put up the tree in the lobby just for me? What do ya think? hehe


Decisions, decisions. I remember going in the beginning of November and there were no decorations up. The Osborne Family lights were up at MGM, but they weren’t due to be turned on for a couple of weeks.

I would definitely pick Christmas week. I’t so festive and the decorations are beautiful.


If the first Christmas Party is the 13th, there might be some decortations up towards the end of your time there, but maybe not everything. Christmas time is wonderful, but we always go the week before, so the crowds are not an issue. We have been there through the 24th and the crowds practically tripled around the 23th. If that will not bother you, go during that time.


You’re right, I forgot that the parks are less crowded those last 2 weeks in August. My bad.

And how’d you guess I’d be a Christmas voter? :happy: Seriously, if you really want to go to WDW to be burried in Holiday magic, I would definitely choose Christmas week. Who knows, as Nathaniel gets older I won’t be able to take him out of school for a week or longer. At that point, I’d TOTALLY consider going during Christmas! And although it is crowded and I’ve heard they close the parks when they reach capacity, you are guaranteed admittance if you are staying on-site, which you most CERTAINLY are.

Like I said before, since you guys won’t be rushing around trying to “DO EVERYTHING”, it might be GREAT for you guys!!!


When I went last OCTOBER the Osbourne lights were already set up!!! :laugh: :laugh: It’s a lot of work, so they gotta start those EARLY!


Regular WDW patrons like you guys? Heck yeah! They might even put a tree in your room! :tongue:


Ya know, that is an awesome thought! Go for it! Make the call! Hey, ya NEVER know! :laugh:


Although November would be slower, if you really want the Christmas decorations then I would have to say Christmas week. It really starts getting crazy there on Christmas Day though. Maybe you could call the Wilderness Lodge and ask them when they usually put up their Christmas decorations. Maybe you will get lucky and they will have theirs up when you want to go in November. It’ worth a shot.


We were there in November during that time a few years ago. The Osborne lights were up and maybe a few other things here and there.

I would say go in December. But, you said Daniel really hates crowds? I don’t know how you can get around that one. One thing is that since you have ridden the rides so much you can just FP the ones you want and absorb the Christmas magic the rest of the time and be more relaxed?


My vote is to go over Christmas break and enjoy all the sights and sounds of the holiday…Disney style.


Christmas week definitly. You can go to MVMCP,Ousborn Lights, and candle light processional.