Christmas Decorations?


Does anyone know when WDW Theme Parks will be decorated for Christmas? My parents are looking to book a trip and would like to be there for the launch of the Christmas decor. I know last year Disneyland launched their decor the week-end before the American Thanksgiving. Is WDW the same?


That sounds about right… I love their xmas decorations… :wub:


They’re always decorated by the week before Thanksgiving. They’ve already started putting up the Osborne lights.


I am doing more research and I noticed the Mickey’s Christmas Party Event starts November 10th. Does that mean that the decorations would be fully up and complete by then?


The Osborne family spectacle also starts 11/10. That means everything should be done by the 10th.

From the WDW site-The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights will not be featured on November 22, 2009. I wonder why?


Actually I was wondering the same thing. When booking our MVMCP for Nov. 13th the CM told me that all the decor would not be out but some of it would. That is a little depressing to me b/c if I am paying for this Christmas themed party shouldn’t all the Christmas party decor be out?? I don’t know, but I guess we will get to find out.


wasn’t the tree in MK not put up last year until after the parade filming?

I know in 2007 it was by the castle until after the filming, then moved to the front of the park.


I too would be pretty disappointed to have tickets to the MVMCP and not have all the Christmas decorations up. I would have to think most decorations would be up and ready, maybe just a few last minute changes or additional decorations for after the Christmas Day parade taping.


Remember you are talking to a CM on the phone- most of the time they have no idea. They cannot throw a MVMCP and not have decorations. They might be talking about all resort decorating and the other park decorating.


From our Thanksgiving visit in 2007 - we arrived the weekend before Thanksgiving. There were some decorations up, but it was a work in progress. Each day, there would be more decorations and holiday greenery: inside the parks, resorts, etc. I don’t recall any Christmas music.

The day AFTER Thanksgiving - it was like they hit a switch. Christmas music was everywhere, the holiday was in full swing - decorations were everywhere.