Christmas Decorations


I just saw in another post someone said Halloween decorations come down 11/2 and Christmas decorations are all complete by 11/5. Is that true? I’m going 11/2 to 11/6 and would love to see the Christmas decorations as I’ve never seen them before.:mickey:


I think it’s no wonder, I also like that


Rowdy Raider posted that info and he’s a current cast member. I’m sure his info is accurate.


It is true. Halloween decorations come down right away, and they start putting up Christmas decorations on or about 11/2. Have been there to see it. It is nice, it just seems so wrong.


I have to say I like the Christmas decorations in November at WDW a lot better then the ones I saw in Sears last week ! ! !

This is really getting insane around here.

To the OP, we went for Thanksgiving one year and the decorations were a real added treat.



That is true! I am already planning on going for my 40th birthday (2 years away) and intend to get there on Halloween night just in time for the last MNSSHP and stay and watch all the Xmas decore go up. I have always wanted to see it!


That’s nothin’. Just wait till you see the decorations in the campground. Last year that was a surprise I wasn’t expecting. What people pack in their motorhomes is amazing.


This one of the reasons we are eating at trails end in Dec. A few yrs ago, after dinner we were surprised with that treat. Of course that was the night I had no camera with me. This yr we will be ready.


so do you think that there will be a lot of awesomely decorated campsites the week before Thanksgiving (12th-19th)? Should we plan to walk over there (staying at VWL)?


The christmas decorations are spectacular, there’s nothing like the castle lit in all it’s glory…just beautiful!! If the osborne lights are up during your vacation make sure to see them too, they’re breathtaking.


In years past, it was common to see many balconies on the Contemporary’s MK side lit.
Same for several balconies at the rest of the deluxe resorts and DVCs.
Even value and mod guests get into the act by decorating doors and windows.


Don’t miss the Osborne Lights at the HS. Absolutely jaw-dropping! They were definitely my favourite.


I also like the christmas version of Illuminations at Epcot. We like to go after the Candlelight Processional.


We will be at WDW this year (in 25 days!) Oct. 29-Nov. 5 so it sounds like I get to see the transformation. That is cool!!