Christmas dinner any suggestions?


:mickey: IM going to WDW this Christmas with my husband and my 3 kids. I would like some suggestions where to have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner. And any other suggestions to do there on Christmas.:mickey:


I would have to say that my first choice would be Liberty Tree Tavern in MK. It is a character meal, served family style-steak,turkey,stuffing, mashed potatoes,etc. Second choice would be one of the buffet,character meals at Crystal palace or Chef mickeys.


Christmas night dinner = LTT just like karliebug said. It’s the closest to a traditional christmas dinner. AS for christmas eve, I like O’hanna.


liberty tree tavern


I would go to 'Ohana on Christmas eve and Liberty Tree Tavern on Christmas day.


We had a wonderful dinner at Artist Point in WL last xmas dinner. The hotel is gorgeous and the meal was wonderful. This year we are eating at California Grill 9pm(get to see wishes from there also!). We have chosen to avoid any park on the holiday and find a nice meal at a resort is just right for the festive day. We did xmas dinner LTT about 6 years ago and MK was too crazy for us although the meal was great.


For dinners at Christmastime, I would love to be at Brown Derby, Liberty Tree Tavern or LeCellier.