Christmas dinner suggestions


DH says tonight, “So where are we eating Christmas dinner?”
Um. Good question! I’ll go ask our DC friends!

So, we’re looking for suggestions for a good dinner on Christmas Day. We’re open to theme parks and resort restaurants. Not too fancy schmancy but something nice. Either lunchtime or dinnertime or anytime in between. Buffet or otherwise. Any of you experienced DCers have experience with Christmas dinners? Do restaurants do anything special on Christmas Day? What’s your favorite restaurant for Christmas dinner and why?

Once again, thanks. . . :flowers: :mickey:


How about Liberty Tree Tavern? They serve traditional holiday comfort foods and have characters to boot! There may be some restaurants that have special holiday menus, I’d be checking the menus on to see what is offered closer to the holiday.


Liberty Tree Tavern always seems to be the holiday recommendation!

I think I’d head over to Artist Point, and NOT just because I recommend that for everything! It’s just that the Wilderness Lodge just seems like it would exude traditional Christmas charm, so that’s where I’d like to be.


That’s a good idea. Any idea when they post the holiday menus? Hopefully at least 180 days out, when we want to make ADRs!

Thanks for the Liberty Tree Tavern suggestion. We actually ate there last spring and really enjoyed it. Given that, we’d like to try something new this time.


I was going to say Liberty Tree Tavern but I’ll go with Hoop Dee Doo. It’s a great dinner show and I think it would be a fun way to spend a holiday.


I recently just read something about Artist Point but I can’t remember what newspaper/magazine I was reading. It sounds like a place we might want to try. Thanks.


That might be a fun one! And something different, too. Thanks!


Ooooh. I just visited allearsnet and see that they’re 2005 Christmas dining selections are still there. There were some pretty wonderful sounding options! I hope someone out there has first-hand experience with some of them! Please share.


We wanted to do the House of Blues Gospel Brunch for Christmas Day but they were closed. We had it for New Years Day and it was excellent! I will be calling to see whats up for this Christmas, if they are open, we are there! :happy:


I would say any of the character dining experiences on Christmas Day.