Christmas Dinner


Are all the restaurants in WDW open for business on Christmas Day? For example, we will be at WDW on Christmas Day this year and we were thinking about having a noon Christmas lunch at 50’s Prime Time and an evening Christmas dinner at the Living Seas. Are both restuarants open on Christmas day? Also do they limit the menu items? In searching for restaurant menus for past years, it appears that they have a very limited menu. Is this correct? Your advise would be helpful. Thanks!


I have never been during Christmas, but I suppose they all will be open.


All the restaurants are open on christmas day( we were there last year!). They mave have a different menu as they normally offer christmas fayre as well as their normal menu. Just remember to book early!

Try and stay in the same park as if the parks get full you may not get in for your ADR. Mk was full on christmas day before lunchtime.


Missy H, if Disney closes a park due to overcrowding, will they deny entrace to someone who is staying on Disney property?


No - all on-site guests are still admitted - although I can’t imagine why anyone would want to go. It would be almost unbearable. We were there on July 4 one year when they closed the parks, so we had a day at the resort, swimming and relaxing.


You will be able to make ADR’s for Christmas Day on June 25th(earlier if your trip starts earlier). I would make them the first day that you can,just to be on the safe side.


The Disney on-site re-entry guests are the last people allowed into the park from what I can remember. When the parks are nearly full they stop non-disney guests firsts and then allow all disney guests but when it is nearly at capicaty (sp) they only allow park hopping or returning on site disney guests in!

It was a chance we didn’t want to take at MK on christmas day or at Epcot on NYE, (we had an ADR at the beach club for a late breakfast but decided to was too risky as we has a dinner adr at the rose and crown!)


I was an off-site guest for NYE this year,so I ate at Ohana’s for breakfast(valet parked,of course)and took the resort monorail to the mK. I got there around 10 in the morning and it was a madhouse. You would do best to stay in one park on such high traffic days like Christmas Eve,Christmas and New Year’s Eve.


:eek: The thought of Christmas so early is freaking me out! But I guess you have to plan these things right? I have never stayed at WDW at this time but friends have and they said the same as Missy. Early bookings are a must.