Christmas @DLR


We are here at dlr and the crowds are massive, largest I have ever seen, having a great time, but the rudeness levels are at all time high…I know
I am getting older, but people pushing and shoving is the norm not the exception and the word excuse me or should I say disculpa…is non existent…and in some cases the opposite.that being said we are having a wonderful tome, fire works are fantastic, the parade is as good as ever…


Thanks for the update. I wonder what it is like after the first.


Much better


The (Dec 13-22)weekends were crazy but the weekdays were much better. We did single rider on Carsland and road 5 times in one day. Good times.




glad that you were able to go during the week,our plan was to go Friday night Saturday and Monday,and leave sunday alone for much needed Christmas shopping at south coast plaza,but we decided to gon sunday and shop on Monday…oh well it was fun,glad you had a great time


Is there a place where I can find wait times now/crowd levels for Disneyland right now? We are going in a week, and I want to see what I am up against. Thanks!