Christmas eve services at or near Disney World


We will be at Disney World for Christmas this year, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any close by Christmas eve services. We are episcopalian, but any christian service would be fine.


The unofficial guide and the official guide to WDW lists churches. My book is on lend so I can’t look the info up for you…you can call WDW and ask. they will definately have the info.


I googled “churches in Celebration, Florida” and there were 7 that popped up.
Celebration is very close to Disney. Below is a link to the town center website for more information.

Tour of Celebration | Celebration Town Center, Florida



The candle light Processional at EPCOT?


wherever you decide to go, go VERY early. I have been to three different service near WDW on xmas eve and all have been PACKED.