Christmas In Disney


I am very excited, these words don’t show the excitement. I just Booked our FIRST trip to Disney at Christmas. We will be there from Dec. 23 to 29th. I can’t wait to see the Christmas Day parade down Main Street, I always dreamed of being there on Christmas Morning. Our kids are getting older so I feel they would enjoy it alot now, and Santa is only a memory for our 13 year old and our 10 year old is on the fence.

I have lots of questions about christmas time at disney, so go ahead with your helpful hints or ideas, that everyone is always so good about sharing. All information will greatly appreciated. Thanks! :mickey:

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Book your ADRs as soon as your 180 days out. :smile:

Hope ya’ll have a great time. :smile:


Book your ADR’s early, and expect VERY LARGE crowds. Plan ahead for each day what park you are going to be in, and do as many fast passes as possible. Even with a FP, expect 2 - 3 hrs for some attractions. Some things that we do are: MMVCP (not sure on dates), Osborne lights at MGM, Candle Light procession at Epcot.


Be sure to check out the special holiday pages at
Lots of information and guest reviews there.


I don’t have anything off the top of my head aside from “get to the parks early”. You’ll probably get a much better response if you start posting your specific questions. :flowers:


Isnt that parade pre taped? I am sure that there will be a parade but the one on TV is pre taped-correct?


I would love to hear more Christmas stories. We are going from 12/12- 12/19 on our first christmas trip also. We are staying at AS Sports. I am planning on going to different resorts for dinner so we can check out their decorations. I watched a christmas special on the travel channel and fell in love. At the Grand Floridian they have the giant gingerbread house that is a must see. Also I believe at the Animal Kingdom Lodge there is a giant christmas tree. As you can see from my countdown ticker that I know what day to make my ADR’s- not going to miss out on them. Now I am just waiting for the release dates for MVMCP at MK and I will snatch up 4 tickets quickly for my family. I can’t wait for December!!!


Casey’s Corner,don’t bother going to the Christmas Party. You will be there during Holiday Week and all of the shows and parades that you pay for going to the party will be shown that week as part of the price of regular admission to the park.


Its fun to visit all the resorts and admire the decorations. Each one is beautiful in its own right. We love the Candlelight Processional at Epcot! I am not sure if there will be any MVMCP’s while you are there, they usually stop around the 20th.


We were just there this past Christmas holiday and it was so wonderful. The holiday storytellers in the individual countries were terrific, my kids loved them. It’s interesting to see and hear how other countries celebrate the season.
One suggestion I have is make sure you get the schedule of all of the events in the parks, it’s so important to use it to plan your days.
We loved the Candlelight Processional and Mickey’s Night Before Christmas in the theater outside Buzz in the MK.
We also spent one day resort hopping and checking out all of the holiday displays, they were beautiful, especially the gingerbread house in the GF


Don’t say it so! I thought it was live. My dreams are shattered…i’ll have to find out more about it. Thanks for responding.


We watched the same show on Disney’s christmas decorations. We want to taste some royal icing too!!! Have a great time. I guess we won’t be watching our weight that week. lol


There is nothing like Christmas time at Disney.On days when the crowd levels are really high, Epcot is the best park to be in because it is so big. My one suggestion is to avoid the MK on Christmas Day. It is so crowded that you can hardly move.


what does mvmcp’s mean?? thanks


Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party

It is held on select nights, after hours in the Magic Kingdom. You need to purchase separate tickets for admission, and we had a blast last year!


Also go to the Beach Club and see the Chocolate Carosel!! It is so cool!!


Boardwalk and The Grand Floridian have the best decorations.