Christmas in July


So…I’m kind of mad at Soundgod for posting in CC yesterday. Because the Christmas spirits must have heard.

I received an email from the Disney Store declaring it’s “only 151 days until Christmas.” :fork_off:

Here’s the link if you are looking for Disney Christmas decorations at 50% off Holiday | Disney Parks Authentic | Disney Store


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those limited addition ear hat ornaments. I ususally buy everything on sale, but just may have to pay full price for one of those babies!


There’s a voice in my head saying "put the credit card down and back away s-l-o-w-l-y…
I’m going to be fighting that voice all day now :pirate:


Sorry Cavey.
I didn’t mean to wake the spirits.


Same email here! I wound up getting 2 ornaments I had wanted last year. Oh, I also hit the bonus30 sale. Got some Mickey ice cubes and 2 shirts and a notebook. I’m mucho excited. (side note…nordstrom is having an amazing sale as well and I got brand new Pumas suuiuper cheap for our trip in October!)