Christmas in WDW


Howdy folks! We are thinking about spending 2 weeks at WDW this Christmas, but don’t really want to spend the days right before and after Christmas Day in the Disney parks because of the crowds. We are thinking about maybe visiting Sea World and/or the Universal parks during those days. Are these parks as crowded as Disney parks during this time? I wouldn’t think they would be, but I’ve never heard anyone say!! Any info would be appreciated!! :flowers:


Actually, I think the weekend leading up to Christmas is pretty bad too.

We just went in 2004 and while we’ll do it again, NEVER right before Christmas. The two weeks immediately after Thanksgiving are your best bet.

I have no idea about the other parks, but I’ll tell ya that the weather is tricky that time of year. It might be very warm, but it also might be very cold. Sea World is HORRIBLE when it’s cold.


I have to agree that the year we went to WDW at Thanksgiving was one of our best trips, and that would be my #1 pick. However, my hubby can barely get any time off this year except for his already-approved week before Christmas.

I’ve never had one bit of apprehension to taking the kids out of school for a vacation, but 2 of my kids are STILL getting snide remarks from their teachers about our Oct. 2004 trip. It’s just getting harder each year on them to take them out of school.

I can’t help but get a little bummed about all of this. My hubby thinks it would be a dream to have Christmas at WDW, but I can’t stand the thoughts of spending that much money and having very little time in the parks.


I’m not sure of the ages and inteerests of your party but another possibility is to do a tour or something on the busy days. We did the Keys to the Kingdom tour on Christmas Eve and then hopped over to Epcot to see the Candlelight Processional. Thus, we spent the days in the park (and loved it!) but didn’t really have to deal with the crowds.


We will be there at Christmas and I have been doing alot of research of things to do. There are alot of things you can do. Santa visits the resorts. There is a sleigh ride at the WIlderness Lodge. You can also shop at Downtown Disney.