Christmas Lights Up Till?


I’m putting my little hope into you guys so don’t ruin it for me. :glare: I’m wondering with all my little heart if the Christmas lights remain up until January 10?


I don’t think so, but I could be wrong… I think they are down by the 3rd or 4th…


That seems a bit late to have the lights still up. I’m guessing they start coming down on the second or third and would all be down or about down before the tenth.


that is what I was thinking. They are up until New Years… and then they come down…


January 1 for the most part.


We got there on January 6 in 2007 and HS still had theirs up and Osbournes was still going. But all the other parks had already taken theirs down. If I remember right, the 6th was the last day for Osbournes Dancing Lights to play too.


We were there on the 10th last year snd they had the crane behind the castle taking the lights down