Christmas Lights!


I was wondering if anybody knew when the Osbourne Christmas Lights will start! We will be @ WDW Nov. 23rd-29th and I wanted to make sure we don’t miss it! We’ve never been during this time of year and I am so excited!


I think it will be going on at that time.
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I seen it on there a few days ago


You won’t miss the lights during that time. WE were there the 10th - 20th of November last year and I believe the lights started somewhere in those 10 days :wink:


Whenever we have been in Late November all the lights have been there.


The lights are sooooo amazing! I could spend hours sitting on the sidewalk watching them!


I am so excited! I love christmas lights! I have never been during this time of year! I can’t wait!


You are going to love being there during Christmas. It is amazing. It is breathtaking.


You are gonna love the Christmas lights!!! And all of WDW(parks and resorts) is decorated soooo nice!:happy:


You are going to be totally awe-struck. Everything looks absolutely festive to a T & especially the Osborne Lights… AMAZING! Last year we saw the Osborne Lights the week before Thanksgiving so you should be good as far as dates go. :happy:


The Osborne Lights run from 11/28-1/4 this year.


They are amazing. You’re in for a real treat. My dd and dgd will be seeing it for the first time in December. I’m so excited for them.


They start the 28th this year! :crying: You’ll be like me trying to catch them on the last night of our trip. I wonder if there is ever “soft openings” of the Osborne Lights. The night of the 28th should be a nightmare as far as crowds! But I am sooooooooooo excited to see the lights!


They should be up that week. They were up that week last year. We can’t wait to go back Thanksgiving week this year!!! We loved the fake snow. So Awesome


This is some info from the WDW website:

[I]Presented by SYLVANIA, stroll down New York Street at Disney’s Hollywood Studios™ as the streetlights fade and snowflakes begin to fall. Suddenly you’re dazzled by millions of lights, dancing in synchronized splendor to a symphony for the senses with twirling carousels, heavenly angels — even Santa and his reindeer — amidst electrifying holiday music! This enchanting spectacle is a Walt Disney World® tradition that makes holiday dreams come true!

November 28, 2008 - January 4, 2009

Location: Disney’s Hollywood Studios™[/I]


I will be there this year for it and totally excited. I plan on bringing the video recorder and catching it all on tape.


I love the lights and the fake snow…we will be there the last night 1/4.


Now you got me thinking. I need to start planning another trip. I can’t miss Christmas time. My dh is going to shoot me. Oh well I just can’t get enough.


Almost all of the Christmas decorations are up and running by Thanksgiving week. They are very cool!!!