Christmas Miracle 2012 Adventure


We Are Here !!!
… Boy do I have some great stories to tell right out of the gate !!!
We hit Epcot and took the U.K. by storm !!!


Yay! Look forward to hearing all- hope we served you well in the UK! Enjoy your trip.


Well, I’m not moving until you start talking young man !

urrr I mean, I would be greatly pleased if you would wish to share with us.


Wall…where are you? Can’t wait to hear some good Pixie Dust!


Glad you are having fun! Enjoy!!


Your smiles say it all!!! Have an AWESOME time!


That’ s he way to start a Disney trip. More please


Katy & the Lion King…


Just started really hitting the sights. We have had some setbacks at the get go ( Hint - great stories)
Just some quick hit & run stuff for now … I’ll have a complete TR once we get home after the Holidays !!!


Sounds great!!! I can’t wait for the full TR!


Fantastic. who’s taking the pictures of you and Mrs. Wall, could it be Katy


So happy to hear you are having a great time. Now I really can’t wait for that TR. :happy:


How about less pictures of your ugly mug and MORE pictures of that sweetheart of a daughter. :laugh:


Looks like you’re all having a great time! Love the pics of Katy at the Lion King show!


Did you say more of me ??? :eek:


We are home … BOOOO !!!
I am preparing a TR for the ages … YAH !!!


Happy Holidays Mouse Buzz Family !!!


Can’t wait. :happy:


Put the beer down and step away.

Now give us a TR.


What a cute picture of your daughter! Can’t wait to read your trip report. Merry Christmas to you and your family.