Christmas parade at LIVE or TAPED?


Please someone tell me that the Christmas parade down main street isn’t taped??? tell me it’s live!!! thanks


Sorry :pinch: It is taped the 1st weekend in December…We were there in 2004 when they were taping… :crying: I always thought it was live too…
We did see Mariah Carey filming her part…I think we were there 12/3- 12/7…

Again, sorry… :crying:


Well, it’ll be live to YOU when you watch it there! Who cares if it’s on TV at that time or not? :flowers:


It’s LIVE, but it is taped the first week of Dec… We too were there in Dec 04


The parade itself is taped sometime in DEC, not always the first weekend. Its the sunshine state we have to have nice weather to tape. However there are other parts with singers and whatnot that are filmed at other times of the year. Last year they filmed one segment in August.


Most fun I’ve ever had helping out Goofy for a national TV audience. Such a blast to be part of, even if you do have to do take after take.


Does anyone know how you can get in for the taping? We’ll be there 12/-12/9/06 and I would love to get in on it!??!?!?!?


Keep a eye on they will fill there audience up quickly.


they used to be live ( a long time ago I remember because we were there on Christmas day one year and saw the parade ) then they started taping it I think it was around the time that Regis and kelly started doing them instead of Regis and Kathy lee but I am not sure


Yah but it turned into a nightmare on xams day doing that, and then there was a year where it was raining on xmas day, doesn’t look good for the “sunshine” state.


Please don’t speak of that day. Was very saddening. Over a hundred thousand people on one of the best days of the year and it rains. Can’t do shows, can’t do parade, can’t do anything Christmas. The horror.