Christmas Parade taping is almost here


DW and I will be getting up bright and early today for the drive out to WDW for our session of the taping of the Christmas Parade. We’ve got to be at the MK turnstiles at 8 a.m. – tough for a couple of night owls. From there we’ll be moved to a holding area before being assigned to our spot on Main Street.

As soon as I can, I’ll let everyone know how it went.


Sonds SO exciting! I am so jealous, you will have a BLAST! Take lots of pictures, if you can, and come back with many details!

PS: I hope you get the best spot on Main St.!!! :happy:


PH, if you see a camera, WAVE LIKE MAD!, and then tell us about it so we can see you on Christmas!!!


How exciting, I cant wait to hear all the details and see pictures. Have a “Magical” time! :mickey:


Have fun, I can’t wait to hear about it tonight.


It’d be cool if everyone who goes to the parade gives us a description of what they were wearing etc., so we can all pick you out while watching the parade on Christmas day.


Have a Magical time! Wish I was with you. Joe


Hope you have a great time!!!


I’m so envious!!! Have a great time!! Do a special wave, then we’ll know it’s you


Oh…I :wub: the parade!! One of my favorite parts of Christmas!!

I hope you have a wonderful time!!


that sounds so cool that you’re going to see the taping. i’d love to see some pics, just like everyone else would. are you gonna wear something significant so we can find you in the crowd?


Have a great time, I wish I was there, maybe next year!
We don’t get to see the parade on TV here in the UK, but never mind I will be in MK on christmas day so I can watch it live! :biggrin:


woops should have saw this before or I would have told Park hopper to make a sign Hi to all his internet buddies


I cant wait to hear about it! I wish I was there already!