Christmas Parade Taping


Hi all! We are arriving the day that they usually tape the Christmas Parade (December 2nd). Am I crazy to want to head to MK that day? It’s kind of a tradition for us, we got to see that castle first! :flowers:



I don’t think you’re crazy. Matter of fact, the first week in December is probably one of the lightest crowd periods all year. As for the parade taping itself? Well, you should realize that TV crews don’t want huge crowds either. They just want the shots to “look” full" not to be full. The worst thing for a production crew trying to tape in heavy crowds is not being able to move around quick enough. If there’s not enough bodies, they’ll just move some bodies from elsewhere. What you do need to do, is work around the hot production areas, that is, try to avoid and bypass shooting zones until about a half hour before the parade starts.


We go to WDW every year the weekend the parade is being taped. We didnt sit curbside during the taping last December because we had done that so many times before. It was the perfect time to hit the rides since so many people do decide to stay around the parade taping. Getting through Main Street was a little crazy but once through the crowds were light. But once the parade taping was over…WOW…the crowds obviously got heavier. I remember the line for Small World being 90 minutes long. It stretched over to where the new stroller parking area is. But again, most of the day the crowds were not bad at all. I think every year it seems to get a little busier that weekend…but it still does not compare to high peak summer time crowds. We are tentatively going December 1st weekend this year ourselves.

Something else to note…disney had this sign-up to sit curbside for the taping. If you registered and they had openings they emailed you a voucher that allowed you free entrance into Magic Kingdom for that day’s taping. My sister got the voucher and went. She spent maybe 20 minutes in the taping area then took off for the rides.