Christmas Parade Taping?


Does anyone know the time they will be taping the Christmas Parade in MK?
I know it is this friday the 30th.
My hubby and I want to be there … but are unsure of the time!

thank you


here is a thread that was talking about it - it just said morning - maybe Rowdy or someone else will have more specific info for you though…

have a great time!! & welcome to mousebuzz!


Well, ask and ye shall receive. I know I’m not doing the filming this year (I’ll be doing Twas on Saturday while the taping takes place :biggrin:) but all my friends are. Their out times from the filming are by noon. So from 9am-noon on both Friday and Saturday provided the weather is favorable, that’s when you either want to be in front of the castle or down Main Street. Oh, and for all those crazy HSM fans out there, yes the kids from the movies will be there, and yes they will be performing. Have fun! :biggrin:


Weather does look good for the weekend on into next week.


Just found out that my roomie is doing the filming for Saturday and he isn’t out till 5:00pm. So it’ll be an all day venture on Saturday it looks!


I think I will be there on Saturday. You have convinced me that MK does not need to be avoided on these days. Plus I want to ride the Magic Carpets of Aladdin before it closes down for a week of refurbishment.


Well today has been a rather lousy day for filming. It’s been so cloudy and overcast all day long. Not a hint of sunshine anywhere. Rain scattered throughout.


Close ups, and isos, and reshoots. Oh my!!:ohmy:


Tomorrow’s supposed to be partly cloudy with 20% chance of rain. High around 80, low around 62.


Hmmm… we’re planning on the Candlelight Processional at Epcot…