Christmas Parade taping


How does the taping of the Christmas Parade in the MK affect touring? Do they close the park early and thus any other event that we’d expect on that day is canceled? EasyWDW is predicting taping will take place on Dec 1, 2, & 3 and I was anticipating there being a MVMCP on the 2nd (based on previous years’ schedules), which is the night we wanted to attend. Do they choose (and how) guests to attend the taping or is it just whoever is in the park for the parade that night?

I’ve never been this time of year so I’m trying to get as much info as I can to get a tentative plan in place before making ADR’s and this is one piece of the puzzle I forgot to take into account.

TIA for your knowledge!


I am sure others will know more but I think it is open to all that wish to attend. I do believe that the park does max out rather early on that weekend. other than that I do not know anything else sorry of not being more help.


The park is NEVER insane when they tape for the parade. The park is never at capacity when they film. It may seem like it with all the action on Main Street, but once you’re past Main Street, the park is VERY easy to get around and very slow.

The first 2 weeks of December are generally “dead” when it comes to guests in the park. And many of the guests who show up for the filming are completely unaware they are filming. They just showed up to the park on a day they filmed.

Filmings are fun but can be tedious. Anyone who shows up in the park can be part of the action. Only specifiic guests get signaled out for one-on-one questions from Ryan Seacrest and the like, and that too can be strictly random.

If don’t want to be part of the crowds, then just take the routes they have to allow guests to bypass and go play in the park. Hope I’ve been helpful.


Thanks for the info, Rowdy. When making my park plans, I forgot about the taping. We haven’t been in dec for a few yrs, but I thought the taping was only done on the weekend. Does it include Thur and Fri too? I do recall last time we took a right turn at the front of main street and ended up near tomorrow land.


Thanks Rowdy! Exactly what I was needing to know. Now to wait for official dates of the taping and MVMCP so I can plan something!


Great to know Rowdy… DH and I are starting to look at date for 2011 and are thinking of the first week in December.


That’s when we’ll be there! :happy:


Really that is great. But I mistyped… we are looking at 2012, Hunter will be 3 and we are hoping that HollyLynne, Amanda and Hunter will be able to join us.

It will be Hunter’s first visit.


[QUOTE=dac921;1071287]Really that is great. But I mistyped… we are looking at 2012, Hunter will be 3 and we are hoping that HollyLynne, Amanda and Hunter will be able to join us.

It will be Hunter’s first visit.[/QUOTE]

Ahhh. My oldest will be 3 for this trip and the baby will be 14 mo. I’m really excited for DD to experience it now that she’s a little older and will really understand what’s going on. She was only 11 mo when we went last time and she had fun of course but didn’t really “get it”. Have fun planning!


The parades are taped during the day, and crowds are low.

As a funny note, a couple of years ago, a friend of mine saw the parade on Chirstmas morning and it didn’t look crowded at all - we should book a trip next year for Christmas. I had to laugh at him and told him to check the weather in FL. They were having nasty thunderstorms and heavy rain on Christmas morning, but the parade on TV the weather was perfectly sunny. :laugh:


We were there in 2010 for the taping of the Christmas Parade, the crowds weren’t bad at all.