Christmas party dates?


Does anyone know when MVMCP dates will be released? We will be there this year the second week in December, on my birthday!!! And it will be the first trip for my one year old and three year old nephews! Looks like we will be at OKW. We were hoping for BCV or BWV but nothing is available :glare: But it is still a trip to the world! :laugh:


Oh I just found the dates on allears. Guess I should have looked first. I didn’t think they would be released yet!


Didn’t MNSSHP and MVMCP tix go on sale the same day this year? (Is that new?)

Here’s the official Disney Link: Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party


Actually I believe last year both MNSSHP and MVMCP tickets went on sale at the same time as well.


We recieved our tickets for MVMCP. I thought it would have a holiday theme picture on them but one is Goofy and the other is Pluto


That’s what I thought about the MNNSHP ones but we ended up with 2 Pluto’s, one Donald and one Minnie