Christmas Party--- Pre buy tickets?


Hey guys,

Do the Christmas Party tickets sell out? We are hitting the party on Dec. 6 and I just wanted to know if I should pre-buy.



They do sell out. I’m sure the closer you get to Christmas the more likely it is to sell out, in fact, I think at least one night (12/18) is sold out. If you know you’re going I would buy tickets ahead of time so I can relax and have one less thing to worry about.

Have fun!!


We never take a chance and always buy them as soon as they are out.


I would get them now just so you know you have them and don’t have to worry about them selling out. Plus if you buy early or are a DVC member you can get them a little cheaper.


I would buy as soon as possible just for piece of mind.Like everyone said one less thing to worry about.Enjoy.


Thanks guys! We bought them this morning. We want to see it at least once.


I always buy special event tickets in advance.
I like to be sure that the night I’ve planned for is available and often there is a small discount for buying early.


Yay, you are so going to have a good time at the party :happy: