Christmas party


Can someone send me to the right thread on Mickeys Christmas Party…I would like to know stuff like what rides are open, what time we can go in, ect…
DH, DS10 and I are doing a 2 day trip and just want to go for the party…DS wants to see the snow on main street…
will we have enough time to enjoy afew rides? we normally only hit our favs when we go, anyway…


Here is the information that you are looking for
Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party - Magic Kingdom


Thanks for the info…was a great help…


Your so welcome. Always happy to help.:heart:


I am not sure you mean by the right thread, but I can give you a lot of information, and others will give you even more.

MVMCP is a hard ticket event. they only sell 30,000 tickets per event. You can get into the park starting at 4pm, even though the party does not "officially start until 6pm. Most of the major rides and attractions are open, and you can walk on to most. There are special shows and events that are not to be missed, such as: Holiday Wishes, Twas the night before Christmas, Celebrate the Season show and others.

The event is well worth the money (IMO). I have not looked at the dates for the party this year, as we have not booked a trip (as of yet). If you go to Deb’s Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World, they have a listing of the dates. A note to think about: As you get closer to the holidays and on weekends, the event will sell out quickly and early. I would purchase my tickets early if my dates were certain.


lol…thanks, buying tickets right now… :o)


It’s a neat event, but “snow” on main street is just like at Studios on the Osborne Lights show…it’s bubbles.

Don’t eat WDW snow! :biggrin:


Wonder if you can blow bubbles after eating the snow…lol…that could be interesting and festive :blow:…heehee…

:tinytree:I was able to get my tickets…Now I wait…lol