Christmas party?


I was just looking at dates and the Christmas party starts on November 8th? Are the parks decorated that early?

We’d planned to go October 22nd-29th but if I can see Christmas decorations and the Christmas party by pushing it back a couple of weeks (and still get to do F & W), wow…that’d be awesome!

So, what are crowd levels like at the 1st or 2nd Christmas party?

Is it worth going to?


Have you done the MNSSHP before? If not I would strongly recommend it! We have gone to MNSSHP a couple of times and the decorations and atmosphere is amazing! The Boo To You Parade is a great one! Sorry, I did not answer your question at all but I saw that your current dates coinside with the party!


yep, we’ve done MNSSHP twice - loved it the 1st time, not as thrilled the 2nd time but still enjoyed it.

I’ve always wanted to see the Christmas decorations and this seems like a good time to do it since we’d still get food and wine and it’s not too much later than we planned to go anyway.

crowd calculator has it at 6’s that week (1’s and 2’s the week are planning now) - so that bugs me, but we could deal with that since we are experienced and it’s about the same as last trip in June. not too bad…


We went last year 11/13 - 11/20…MK was decorated and the party was pretty crowded the night we went (don’t remember the date). Although it was crowded I thought it was worth it to be able to experience F&W and still get in the Christmas decorations and party.

This year we’re trying early October and the MNSSHP for the first time…hopes it’s great!

Have a blast!



In that case, I say push it back and go for the Christmas decorations. Be prepared to be amazed by the huge trees and the sheer number of lights at DHS! Oh yeah, and the snow!


Sarah, youre killing me! I just enjoyed one nice day of warm weather and i read a post titled “Christmas Party” ? seriously??? lol…


2011 dates aren’t up on my super secret site yet, but last year the :tinytree: MVMCP :santa: started 11/8.


ok, rlcarmichael & others -do thing that nov 12-20th is a pretty good guess that there’ll be a party that week?

sorry woohoo - i will savor the gorgeous days now and dream of snow in MK at the same time!!

Dh and the girls are excited for Christmas party and decorations so I am going to change our week at Bonnet Creek tonight! If we can get a disney resort later (through rci) - awesome, but if not, I’m good with Bonnet Creek & twinkle lights on the castle :slight_smile:

thanks everyone!