Christmas surprise SUCCESS!


Well, fellow Mousebuzzers and WDW addicts . . . our Christmas morning surprise turned out perfectly. DS was totally surprised! DH almost blew it on Saturday at my brother’s house. He started talking about “going back this spring” (I missed the very beginning of the conversation) and DS was three feet away from him! :ohmy: I was in the kitchen and stuck my head into the room saying “What are talking about???” He said “the trip.” I mouthed “SHUT UP!” and he promptly stopped talking. Smart man or he would have been eating dinner toothless. What the heck he was thinking, I’ll never know. :blink: But it turned out fine 'cuz DS was busy playing with his cousin and some new toy or something and never heard him. His “selective listening disorder” came in handy this time! :laugh:
Okay, Christmas morning. DS opens his bazillion and one presents and came to the “scroll” which we said had to be last. He does the whole map thing and has a fun time finding his six gifts. (He loves that kind of stuff!) We had him line them all up in front of us and open them in the order he found them instead of opening them on the spot. The camera was a BIG hit! The Theme Park Monopoly was a big hit. Still hasn’t put two and two together. The water toy was good. The trading pins were really exciting (“Ooh, I’ll save these for the next time we go to Disney World!”) He thought the maps were cool, he liked those. The wallet made him feel like a big kid. Then he read the clue to the last box and goes to find it. It’s covered with Mickey paper and he says, “Oh my gosh?!.” But still hasn’t figured out where this is headed. Laughed about all of the Mickey Mouse candy canes (“Wow, I’m well stocked now!”) Opens the Hidden Mickeys book and was thrilled. Once again, he said “This will come in handy the next time we go to Disney World!” Okay, now the Disney dollars. He counted them and said, “For the next time we go to Disney World??” Still hasn’t fully comprehended what’s going on but he’s starting to think about it. Opens the Disney World calendar and gets to March where the stickers are. His eyes got bigger than his face and said about five times, “Are you serious?” Then the 400 decibel . . . “We’re going to Disney World!” It was priceless. Oh, and in the background . . . the WDW Christmas Parade on TV. It was perfect.
So, thanks to all of you who shared thoughts and ideas, and to WDW Rules for getting the Disney dollars for me!! It was worth it. :happy:


Studying the map . . .


All gifts lined up and ready to open!
(Notice the parade on TV? :happy: )


A digital camera? My own digital camera?? Cooooool.


hehehe, I love it when a plan comes together. Good for you. Now make those ADRs or have you done that already?


A Disney Monopoly Game!! Hey, we rode on that!


Cool water toy! (Um, perfect for that resort pool late March . . . )


Alright!! More pins to trade! For the next time we go to Disney World?


Cool park maps! Hey, look, our name is on it!!


A wallet? I’ve never had a wallet before! Hmm, what does this clue say??


Wow, check out this box! What could be in here?? :happy:


Yea!! A Hidden Mickeys book . . . for the next time we go to WDW?


Ten, twenty, thirty . . . for the next time we go to WDW??

Wait, what’s going on here??


Are you serious?
Are you serious??
Are you serious???
Are you serious???


Disney World, here we come! (But it’s still so many days away . . . :blink: ) :laugh: :happy:



Yeah, me, too. Thanks.
We’re workin’ on that ADR thing. We don’t make very many ADRs 'cuz we tend to be more spontaneous. We’ve had luck with our “spontaneity” on past trips. But we’ll make a few just to be safe.


Oh smee, I’m absolutely bawling.:crying: The grin on his face is priceless. I’m so happy everything went off as planned. You know Yuri will rememeber this for ever. I’m pleased to be a little bit a part of it. March, I’m sure does sound like a long time off, but it will be here before you know it. Let us know what ADR’s you decide on.
Happy New Year…


OMG!!! That is too COOL!!! :happy: :cool:

I had no idea you were planning this!!! :huh:

Guess I was too wrapped in my own surprise!!! :blush: :happy: :laugh:


that is so cool! just like the mastercard commercials… hey, maybe they would be interested in your Christmas morning and you could have your trip to disney paid by them!


Great idea . . .

except we paid with our Disney Visa. :laugh: