Christmas surprise


What do you think of this plan for DS’s Christmas surprise? I’ll try to keep it a condensed version so you don’t fall asleep half-way through.

I’ve drawn a map of the house, including furniture. On the map, each piece of furniture either has a number from one to six or a letter of the alphabet on it. The numbered ones are where a gift will be hidden. I put this ditty (in Walt Disney font, of course) at the bottom of the map:

You’re going on a treasure hunt, to find some hidden treasure. We hope the final present will bring the whole family pleasure! So follow the numbers in order, from numbers 1 to 6. But it doesn’t end right there . . . We’re up to our “wold”ly tricks. The last you’ll find has another clue, to the final box in the house. It will be a “magical” discovery, that has something to do with a Mouse!

The map will be rolled up and under the tree.
The six gifts are wrapped in paper with Santa flying in an airplane. Gifts one through five are a camera, the Disney Theme Park Monopoly Game, a water toy that DH wanted to get for the resort pool, trading pins, and the custom theme park maps.
The sixth gift is a small wallet with the clue to a box wrapped in Mickey Mouse paper. Inside the box is a Disney World calendar with the trip days marked with Mickey Mouse stickers, Disney dollars, the Hidden Mickeys Book (for DS), The Passporter (for me, of course), The Birnbaum Dining Guide (for DH), and Mickey Mouse candy canes, all in our Mickey Mouse stockings from last Christmas.

Would you change anything or do you have other suggestions?? I’m so stoked for this!! :goofybounce: :happy:


Absolutely perfect! Going to be a lot of excitement around your home that day!


Sounds great!


Sounds great! He will love it!


I woudn’t change a thing!! IT’s perfect! I can’t wait to hear how your xmas morning goes. Please do post about it!


sounds like you’re going to have a very Mickey Christmas!


It sounds like fun! I’ve always liked a good scavenger hunt. :happy:

Be sure to tell us how he likes it.


Wow, what a surprise! Anytime you feel the need to create a Christmas surprise for anyone else, give me a call!


I’ve been thinking of you the last couple days knowing what a fun Christmas Yuri is going to have. I’m so excited for all of you. I’d love to be a fly on your wall come Christmas morning. I can’t wait to hear how it goes.


hehe, that is absolutely wonderful. I wouldn’t change a thing.
I hope you take pictures of the adventure on Tuesday :smile: we all want to see!!


I wouldn’t change anything, that sounds just perfect. You must let us know how it all played out!


What a wonderful surprise! Come back and tell us how it goes.


That is very creative!! And I give you kudos because I could not hold in a surprise like that if my life depended on it…example…dh has had his xmas gifts since 3 weeks ago:blush: and the kids’ gifts have to be at my sisters house where I can’t touch them until Christmas Eve. Don’t change a thing…sounds awesome!