Christmas tickets


looking for help with the merry x-mas party tickets…if get them now,and i cant go,am i stuck with the tickets…or do you think i can get them the night of the party…dec 4th a thursday night…


I know alot of times the parties get sold out not sure which ones will though


Once you get the tickets they’re yours, no refunds. Some nights do sell out, we went to a sold out nigh last year.


Teh parties have been getting more popular over hte years. last year, a lot of the parties sold out. earlier in the month you would have a better chance of it not selling out. once you buy the tickets, they are yours no refunds or exchanges


I would not wait to get them. Like Tim said, the parties are getting really popular.


Dec. 4th is a Thursday. Friday’s are the ones that typically sell out first. Tuesday’s are the least likely to sell out. There are also more dates this year for the party, so that should ease up on the local crowds as well. I plan on going during the first week of December. But, I will wait until I am a month out before ordering my tickets based upon which one isn’t sold out. That’s the one that will be the least busy.


If you do try to wait out don’t wait until the actual day, they are more expensive then from what I hear. So even if you get them a few days earlier; we’ll have to send you prayer and pixie dust!