Christmas time


Now that we have just finished our summer trip to DW:laugh: we are planning our Christmas trip to DW. We are planning to stay at WL. We saw how it was decorated during the holidays and I just loved the way it looked. My question is I am a Christmas fanatic more than a Disney fanatic. Did I pick the right resort to stay at you think? Also, what restaurant for Christmas dinner. We have reservations at Liberty Tree Tavern, is this a good idea?


LTT for Christmas is great!!! As for resorts,if you can afford it,I would go to GF because it is the best decorated resort for Christmas,IMO.


GF hands down has the best decorations, but the WL is pretty nice too. One year ( pre kids) we drove around and looked at the Christmas decorations at the resorts. We were most impressed with GF and WL. I think the Boardwalk was pretty nice also.

Since you like Christams decorations yo may want to take a carriage ride around Fort Wilderness. I did this with my DD. Many of the campsites have some pretty neat decorations! It was not too expensive I think it was 35-40 dollars.


Which ever resort you pick, make sure you visit the others. It is worth doing a resort tour. Book the carriage ride early around Fort Wilderness. They filled up fast last year and we were unable to get one.


They all have something special at the holidays, I prefer WL to all of them at Christmas, but I am partial to the WL for any occasion!


I hear that GF has the best decorations at Christmas time to be truthful with you but personally I would much rather stay at WL. To me that resort is breathtaking at the best of times let alone when it’s all decked out in Christmas decorations! Someone did post some pictures once upon a time of the tree which they had up in the lobby of WL, if I can find it ill attach it in this thread somewhere.
I say, stay where you are! You will love it.


There will be a few of us MB’ers at WL at various times in December. To me, it just seems like a perfect cozy December resort! And close to MK for MVMCP!


The WL will be absolutely stunning at Christmas…but then again, all of the World will be! You guys are bound to have a magical holiday. I must admit I am envious - what a beautiful place to be at that time of year! :heart:


The WL is awesome at the holidays, but, I wanna second what Tipton said - make sure you do the resort monorail loop - and visit all the deluxes…It’s worth the hour and a half to see them. Simply beautiful. Esp. the GF with the giant gingerbead house.


That gingerbread house looks yummy in the pictures. It looks like it just fits in so well will all the other decorations they put up too. GF looks like they go all out.


DW and i saw a special on what they do at xmas time. we are going dec 9 to the 16, and i cannot wait to see it in person…