Christmas Tree Help


I was just looking at WDW Florist for a small tree for our resort room
and they had two but they were $200.00-$300.00 YIKES!!!
Are there anyother sites out there for Christmas time stuff? Or is my
best bet to buy a small table size tree and stuff to go with it and
just ship it down there a week or so from when we will be there?
Comments? Thank You Kindly.


My opinion would be to bring your own.
You can get a fiber optic tree for $20.00 at Target around the holidays.


I discovered the same thing when I checked. My eyes almost popped out! I’m going to put together some stuff and ship it down beforehand and then just leave it behind for someone else to enjoy.


I would just ship my own ahead of time Franco, save the money for other stuff, like some nice new Disney ornaments.:smile: :mickey:


Boy, I am so torn about this. I totally want to get the disney tree. It just seems like an opportunity that I can’t pass. I don’t know if we’ll be going back during the christmas season or not, since DD will be entering school next year (I have no problem taking her out of school, but DH may).

But, in the end, I guess that kind of money is definately spent better elsewhere!


we ordered one for when we go down there in december. i looked at it this way, this is probably the only time i will be going to WDW @ xmas time, so i want to make the most of it.


Hi Franco,

Yep, it is a hard decision. We did decide on doing it. This will be the last time we are down there for christmas. My DD will start middle school next year and will be on a traditional schedule, so no taking her out for 2 weeks.
With that being said, If you have the ability to buy one, then I would, but if you have ANY doubts, don’t do it. They are pretty and I love the fact they will set it up and ship it home if you want. My kids will be so surprised when they walk in and a christmas tree has appeared. But you know your budget, so go with that. With whatever you choose, it’s still Disney!!!


OK-stupid question of the day…Are the trees real or artificial? And, they’re about 4 feet tall right?


I think you ought to do the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

One little branch that bends over when you hang the ornament.

It’s a classic.

And it AIN’T $200-$300 for cryin’ out loud!


Holy mama! That’s an expensive tree!

Could you possibly buy one of the small $10 from Wal-Mart and stuff it in an extra suitcase? :huh: Kind of a nutty suggestion, but it would sure save you a lot of money…and those small ones are just the right size for a tabletop. (I should know, it’s all we had last year in our crappy Anaheim motel room. :rolleyes:)


I wanted to erase this one.


We bought a cheap fiber optic table top tree and used it in our room last year at Christmas. We even had room to bring it back with us. We will take it back with us again this year. If we have room to bring it home, we will, otherwise we will leave it behind. Hopefully someone else can use it and enjoy it. The way I look at it that we spent $10 on it the day after Thanksgiving. I couldn’t even buy a real tree in Northern Michigan for $5.00 a year. They were usually $7-10.


from what i was told, they are real. they are about 4ft tall, and you get to keep all the ornaments on it.


Oh man, I hope not! The florist told me that they would ship the tree back. I’m hoping that means artificial. I’m pretty sure they are fake. It would be tough to ship back a live tree. I really hope I’m right.


i will call now and find out…hold on a sec…


you are right, i am wrong…they are artificial…

i am so sorry…


See, the way I look at it is that since it is artificial, and will come home in a nice box, it’s really just an investment into some decorations for my home…:blush:

Now, if I could only convince DH about that!


whoooo, I was a little worried. I kill plants at my house, I think my kiddos would have been really dissapointed if I killed the Mickey Christmas Tree. YIKES:eek:


I look at it this way too, Everytime we look at this christmas tree we will ALWAYS remember our Disney vacation. You know, kinda when you put up your christmas tree ornaments and you remember where and when you got them.

We always buy something special from our vacations for our home. Well this is our special treat this year!!!


does anyone know how much it is to ship it home?