Christmas tree rental


has anyone rented a christmas tree while in disney world? we are staying in a 3br in december, and were looking for a reliable rental place


I’ve never heard of such a service.
In fact, several times, I’ve given thought to buying one of those table top Disney X-mas trees, but haven’t.
We have taken Christmas decorations with us the past few years, mostly to decorate the window (flashing lights and Disney Christmas themed stuffed animals).


i found a site - km-rentals…this is what they offer:

4′ Tree Height
26″ Diameter
150 Pre-Lit String Lights
24 Baubles Red & Gold (Glitter, Matte & Shiny)
$75.00 – 1 Week
$100.00 – 2 Week
6’5 Tree Height
42″ Diameter
400 Pre-Lit String Lights
36 Baubles Red & Gold (Glitter, Matte & Shiny)
$125.00 – 1 Week
$150.00 – 2 Week
Tree Stand Included
Tree delivered fully assembled
Baubles & Hangers packed separately ready to decorate
7% Sales Tax Additional
FREE Delivery & Pick Up
Orlando & Kissimmee Hotels / Resorts / Villa Vacation Homes

i bought a christmas tree from disney many years ago, and can’t see spending 400 for the same tree again.


we are thinking of the 6.5 foot tree. being we have a 3br at saratoga. i was just wondering if anyone had used them before and could offer advice…

or if they have used a similar service that they would recommend…


We bought a cheap tree at kmart and then decorated it with stuff we bought (and brought home) from WDW.


HUMMM a tree decorated with pink tutu’s that is a sight to see.