Christmas Tree


How far in advance can you place an order with the Disney Florist for a Christmas Tree for your resort room?


Not sure but you can contact them at 407-827-3505

and their website is:

We’ve never been disapointed with their service! :smile:


We are thinking about the same thing. I believe when I called a few months back, the lady told me that around Oct. they start. She said that it does change every year, but that is when they find out what the trees are going to be decorated with. I think we are also going to do the stockings.
When and where are you staying??


Someone tell me about the xmas trees and stockings, please! This sounds pretty cool for our dec trip…anybody have pictures?


If you check, PrincessPooh, you can probably see a picture of the Christmas tree. They’re miniature tress decorated in a Disney theme. The Stockings I’ve only seen on a Travel Channel special, but if you ask about them, they’ll give you info. Everything’s pretty expensive, though…that’s why we didn’t do it last year.


If I remember correctly, I think the Tree was around $200 and the stockings were around $75. I think our deciding factor will be what they use to decorate it with.


Quartz 7 we are staying at POR from 12/24 through 1/6/07. We cannot wait. It will be our first time visiting WDW during the holiday season. The kids are so excited.


How fun!!! You will definitly need a tree, since you are staying during christmas. We LOVE the holiday season!! It is just awesome. The trees, the wreaths, the christmas carols. How old are your kids?

Here’s a pic of the decorations.


Both my childrens’ birthdays are in October so my daughter will be 9 and my son will be 11. We are traveling with my sister who has three kids of he3r own (two sons - 16 and 12 and on daughter 11). We are definelty going to invest in getting a tree – probably going to pass on the stockings since we already have Disney stockings. When are you going and where are you staying?


We will be going Nov.29th thru Dec. 13th. Fourteen glorious nights. We are staying at the Polynesian. My daughter will be 11 and my son will be 7. We are so excited!!

I bet your kids are excited!! Who wouldn’t be?? :biggrin:

There was a thread about the christmas trees in the rooms. Someone suggested stopping by a store and picking one up. I don’t know if that would work for you, since you are flying in on the 24th. Someone also mentioned packing a small tree and taking it with you. Maybe pack some lights, but have the kids pick out some ornaments from the stores. Just some ideas. The good thing is if you order one through WDW Florist, they will ship it home. Well, that’s what the lady told me.

Have fun planning!!