Christmas Trees in hotel room?


Hi everyone,

All righty, I have searched for a picture of one of the christmas trees that you can have delivered to your room in WDW? I have googled it and I have searched here? Does anyone have a pic or know a website. We are really interested in doing this next year, but for the $$$, we would like to have a look.


p.s. I have allready called the WDW florist and they don’t have anything they can send me.


I don’t really have an answer for you but we did see them on a TV special on the food network but I don’t know if it is playing again. Sorry that doesn’t help much but they were pretty! :mickey:


$250 plus $25 to ship home. The Disney Florist did have them some weeks back but they must have run out.


MY best friend and I used to bring a mini tree for our room with lights and decorations. I suppose it was easier for us b/c we lived in South Florida so we were driving. I don’t know how much the delivered one is but I am sure it is quite expensive. I’d say bring your own, it’s a fun idea!!!


That is really cool, I didn’t even know you could do that!


I wonder if you could even just stop by the local super walmart and pick up a cheap fake tree and just put it up yourself?
I bet the ones they deliver are $$$$$


Go to a store close to you and grab a two foot tree in a box and just take that with you. You can bring some garland, a string of lights and some bows and do it for way less than what they want to chage…$250…that’s insane.


Are you renting a car? If so, I’d recommend stopping and picking one up yourself. In fact, the price of a car rental plus the price of the tree is probably still less than the fee they’re asking for that delivered tree.


I thought about getting one of the Mickey Trees from the disney florist for our Dec. 9th trip, but when I heard the price tag I quickly decided against it. The stockings they’ll deliver are a bit cheaper…$50!!!


Oh, I agree, but you do get Disney ornaments and such on it.

What one could do is get the nice plush tree hat with the ornaments on it that lights up (look for them at the hat stands where you can get the Mickey Sorcerer hat) – we still have ours and it goes well on top of the dresser with the plush animals. It’s like a plush stand-up Christmas tree. There’s a velcro pouch inside it so you can access the battery pack, and while you need a small screwdriver (like the kind you use for eyeglass repair – those repair kits are at drug stores for maybe $1 or $2) to open it, you can replace the AAA batteries (I wouldn’t leave them in it all year till next year; they might corrode) and have it work again and again.

I could see, if one could afford it, getting the Mickey tree and reusing it from year to year, but even then it’s pricey.



It’s vacation after all, may as well splurge!


Don’t forget to let us know what you decide on…and don’t forget the pictures…and don’t forget your TR…did I miss anything? :tongue:


Yes, but for less than $250 you could trot on into the store at your resort and buy out their Christmas ornament section! :eek:

Although yeah… it would be so cool… still, I don’t think I could justify it!


Yes, you could. :slight_smile: And then put it on a tree at home.

Or perhaps the Christmas store in Downtown Disney, and/or the one in Liberty Square at MK. Both are open year-round.


Thanks for all the advice.

This will be that last “christmas” disney trip, so we going to “splurge.” I really want it to be a surprise for the kids. If I stop by a store, I think they may figure it out. Plus, I allready decorate 3 big christmas trees at home, would like to have one done for me. LOL.

Thanks again everyone


Slightly OT:

I just realized we are talking about something for NEXT year! I love :heart: being around all you other obsessives who find it perfectly reasonable to intently discuss something that’s not going to happen for a year. It’s someone’s DISNEY TRIP, so it must be IMPORTANT! :laugh:


Andrea - I thought the same thing!!! :huh: :laugh:


Yep, you can call us overplanners and we are proud of it!! LOL

I saw that thing on the food network and it got me thinking…and that’s when all the trouble starts!