Christmas Trip is booked!


On Tuesday, we closed on our BCV points–finally!! On Friday we were in the system, but our points had not been entered. Today, Saturday, the points were in and I was able to book our Christmas trip. Can you say EXCITED!!! Our first trip as DVC owners will be Dec. 18-25 at BCV before we head over to Universal.

The CM I spoke with when I was booking the reservation was awesome. He said he added to the notes saying that we wanted a top floor room overlooking Crescent Lake with a good view of the fireworks. He was so nice.

Just knowing that we are guaranteed a trip every Christmas for the next 33 years puts a big smile on my face! :wub:




Congratulations! We are going at christmas too! 17th to 31st!


I know the feeling. We booked for my wife and son to go at Christmas also. It has been her desire to always go at Christmas but she worked retail and could never have the time off. Now shes at the Credit Union and she can go. They will be there from Dec.15 to 22nd staying at the Cornado. I tried to talk her into staying some where new but they both really like it at the Cornado and chose it again.


Thanks everyone! I still can’t believe that we are BCV owners. It really is a good feeling to know that we can spend Christmas at Disney no matter what every year. We were also very excited to book this year’s trip since it is our first trip as members!


That has got to be an amazing feeling!! :biggrin:


Congratulations! I know how exciting booking that first trip is. I love BCV and calling it home is an awesome feeling.


Thanks. Words really can’t describe teh excitement DD and I felt when we made that call on Saturday to book our trip. (She sat beside me because she wanted to make sure I remembered to request a room where we could see the fireworks from our room.) The CM at Member Services was great. He said he wanted to make sure our trip was extra special so he worded the request in such a way that we should get the best view possible–top floor, Crescent Lake view, with best view of Epcot fireworks show. I thought that was really nice of him. DD was bouncing beside me with her head as close to the phone as she could get it. It is going to be so nice to be going back to BC! Last trip it just did not seem like our usual Christmas at Disney since we stayed at AKL.


Congrats on the purchase and the vacation.

I think the best feeling about having DVC is that you just check out and you don’t get a bill. you just check-out. I love that.