Christmas vacation advice


I am so confused, I have been wanting to go disney at christmas for a long time. Well christmas 2006 we plan to go. Now I have been hearing that christmas day at the parks are sooo busy and they shut them down early. So now im really not sure if i want to go for christmas day or wait and go down a day or two after christmas, where it may be a little less hectic. Can anyone give some advice what to do?


I have always heard that the week after Thanksgiving up to the first week of December are awesome. No crowds and the decorations are up.


Yup, Cincy is so right - The first week, and probably into the second week is a great time to visit :c)

and incase I haven’t already - Welcome to DC, Kerry!


I agree with what the others have said. We have gone two years in a row during the first week of December. It is an AMAZING time to go!!! Supposedly it is the least crowded time during the year.


What better way to spend Christmas than at Disney. If that is your dream then do it. It will not be any better a day or 2 after. It will be packed but you can plan for it and have fun!!! :wub:


Have you never been to Disney or will this be your first time? If it’s your first time I would probably say go a different time, but if you’ve been before go for it!


Darn it Cincy…

How can we keep it that way if you tell everyone.

But now that you know…AVOID LAST 2 WEEKS of December unless you really like crowds. Decorations are up Thanksgiving so why wait.

They are pushing 1st 2 weeks more so it’s not as slow as it used to be, but still beats last 2. Also, you may want to consider Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party but avoid Friday night. Extra cost, but they limit the number of tickets sold. Fireworks are fantastic.


Just made our first Christmas visit to SSRS and agree with most here. However, from the weekend before Christmas until New Years the numbers increase. We went to MVMCP on the 15th and the last three (16th, 18th, and 20th) were sold out. Try to stay between the first weekend in December and the weekend of the 16th. Try to plan any special happenings (Character Breakfast, MVMCP, Candlelight Processional) during the week and not on a weekend. FYI … We heard from a cast member that the Magic Kingdom was going to open at 7:00 AM on December 24th and close at 3:00 AM due to extended magic hours. So, the park is open and in this case open for a long, long, long time.


We went down from the 27th until the 3rd. It wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be, the crowds were not any more than winter break. NYE though was insane. We had a great time though. If your going to be down there for NYE celebrations try to get into BWV, you’ll love it…



We made our first trip to WDW this Christmas, Christmas Eve day wasn’t too crowded but starting with Christmas Day and then until the end of our trip on the 31st it was very crowded but magical nonetheless. I don’t know what the count for Christmas Day was but it didn’t seem to be anymore crowded to me than the rest of the week.


If you are using Disney Vacation Club points, expect to use a lot of them from Christmas through New Years. It is a popular time.

I agree with some of the other posters. Go in early December. You will get to see all of the decorations and get the Christmas experience without the crowds. Points usage for DVC is lower too.

Also, don’t wait too long. I would be trying to book a room now or in February. If you’re still thinking about this decision in June, it will be real tough to get a room for December 2006.