What sort of special Christmas stuff happens? Are there Christmas fireworks shows, parades? I guess in particular I’m wondering about the Magic Kingdom, but I’d love to know about all the other parks. DH and I are considering a spontaneous, surprise trip for our family this weekend, and we’re just wondering . . . nothing is set at all . . . just thinking how much fun it would be to surprise our kids with an early Christmas present, and there is NOTHING they would like more than a couple of unexpected days at Disney. What can y’all tell me about this time of year. . . it’s been 16 years since I’ve been at the holidays.


Missy there is NOTHING IN THIS WORLD quite like Christmas time at WDW.

All of the parks have something special, but since you asked about MK, I’ll just cover that.

On this Saturday, the 19th, all of the things that are exclusive to MVMCP will be happening as daily ops for MK! Meaning the Christmas parade will become the 3:00pm parade. The shows that you can only see at the party, you’ll be able to watch in the day time! The fireworks display for Christmas is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Not as cool as Halloween and not as amazing as Pirate and Princess, but still UNBELIEVABLE nonetheless.

So yes, Christmas here at WDW is unlike any other. Yes it will be VERY busy, but it’s worth it to be in the most amazing place on Earth for the holidays. Come see me in the Move It Shake It Celebrate It Street Party Show!


Thanks, Rowdy! We’re still trying to decide if we really want to be that spontaneous!:laugh: DH and I used to be the most spontaneous people on the planet, and then we had kids!:laugh:Now that they are getting older, we feel like we might be able to bring some of that back into our lives. We’ll see . . . I woke up this morning thinking about how badly I want to be there THIS weekend. But don’t we all?


The downside on the fireworks is that when they go to daily performance of Holiday Wishes (and also Happy HalloWishes when it goes daily the week before Halloween) is that they delete the peripheral burst that make those shows extra special, although, if you didn’t know where and when they happen, you’d never miss them.
Not a gripe, just an observation.