Chronicles of Narnia Movie Screening


Free ticket information has been posted:

Chronicles of Narnia Tickets

Email instructions have changed, so please read carefully before sending your email. Good luck!


Is the screening code the same for everyone and every city?

Also, do we need to list how many tickets we would like?


Found the answer to both.

The code is the same for all cities and you get three tickets per cardholder if you submit the request early enough…


Sorry. I think you actually get 4. It says:

Tickets for you and up to 3 guest will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Hurry, many cities are already full.


I stand corrected. I only need three, so when I saw the word three I moved on. lol

Charlotte is FULL now, I hope I made it.


Sorry, hope you weren’t waiting for me. Good luck getting tickets. I never got Chicken Little tickets, I put the wrong four digits from my credit card on the email, I guess they pay attention.


i entered to get tickets to see the chronicles of naria. i was surprised to see how many cities were filled but thrilled that new york is available. here’s hoping i get the tickets. i hope everyone else that entered gets tickets, too.


I guess I missed out. Michigan is already full. I guess I will have to wait and see the movie when we are at Downtown Disney.


I just got an email stating the invitation will be emailed out in a few hours.

I’m so excited.

Anyone been to any of these advance screenings before?


Hey, me too. It was supposed to come yesterday, but I got the warning email, and just got me invitation email. I missed Chicken Little (it was my fault, I put in the wrong last four digits of my Disney VISA card). Oh well, I get to see Narnia on Saturday.


I am very excited to see Narnia, especially with an opportunity like this. I did finally see Chicken Little, but I would not have been very willing to drive that far out of the way that early for Chicken Little. Now I just have to cross my fingers that traffic works in our favor that morning.