Cincy's trip plans


Tell me what you think of our plans:

DS (7) Our little “Thrill Seeker”
DD (4) Our little “Adventure girl”
DS (16 months) The most kick back 16 month old you will ever meet.

Two important notes (1) We are park Commandos. We get there at rope drop and we stay until the kick us out. (2) You can’t hurt my feelings so don’t hold back. (3) Yes I have a type A personality. (4) We will have DC bear with us and I will take lots of pictures.

Wednesday: 11th
Fly out of Indy
Should be in room by 1pm
MK Evening Park open until 8pm
Lunch: Peco’s Bill
Dinner: Crystal Palace Character Dinner 8:20PM
After everyone else has left, we will have Main Street to ourselves.

Thursday: 12th
Epcot All Day Park open 9am to 9pm
Lunch: Cantina De San Angel or Yakatori House
Dinner: Garden Grill Character Dinner 6:00PM
Illuminations at 9pm

Friday: 13th
Magic Kingdom All Day Park open 9am to 8pm
Lunch: Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe
Share a dream Parade 3PM
Dinner: ?
Wishes @8pm

Saturday: 14th
MGM All Day Park open 8am to 7pm Extra Magic Hour
Lunch: Pizza Planet
Dinner: Mama Melrose 4:50PM
Fantasmic Show, Motor Car Parade at 3:30pm
DW and I are going to Pleasure Island while the kids are with a sitter.

Sunday: 15th
Animal Kingdom All Day Park open 9am to 5pm
Lunch: Flame Tree BBQ
Dinner: Ohana’s 6:30PM
After dinner watch Wishes and Electric Water Parade from the Beach.
MK Extra Magic Hours 9pm to 12a

Monday: 16th
Magic Kingdom Day Park open 9am
Epcot Night Park closes 9pm
Lunch: CRT Character Lunch 12:10PM
After Lunch go to Epcot.
Dinner: LeCellier 5:50PM Confirmation
Watch Illuminations at 9pm if we miss it on Thursday.

Tuesday: 17th
Check out of room
Visit DTD for a while
Lunch: Earl of Sandwich
ME to Airport.


OK - I’m exhausted. But for park commandos it sounds like you’ve got it covered. Your kids must be great to handle such long days!


So how is it that your 4 year old can keep up?

I’m a park commando, and when I take DS4 next year to Disneyland, I’d love for him to be able to keep up with the speed we want to go!


Our kids a awesome. They will go all day and then crash when we get back. We will take two small strollers, for the kids. If the need to rest they will hop in and take it slow for a while. If they nap, then we take in a show, or shop etc.

We have Kings Island here in Cincinnati and we go there about 20 - 25 times a summer, so they are used to standing in lines and being around crowds. This is the first trip for our youngest son, but it will be the thrid trip for our older kids.


Cincy, I like your style. We like to stay until we wear out our welcome or get thrown out too. Strollers are such a godsend!

Your plans look great, you have all of our favorites lined up for adrs/counter services.

Do you think you would like to try to squeeze in Boma for dinner? (on the 13th) I am not sure if that would be too much traveling, etc. since you want to catch wishes at 8 pm.


Yakitori House = Yuckytori House…Have you eaten there before? Some DC’ers will vocuh for it…but I can’t stand it…and I LOVE Japanese Food…but basically the Steak is gross, as is the Chicken and Shrimp. I got the combonation plate there with a peice of Chocolate Coconut Cake and basically paid $18 (for counter service) to eat Rice and drink a Diet Coke…it was THAT bad…The Dave was not a fan of it either…however, I will give them this…they have GREAT Sake! Cantina de San Angel is good, BUT, it’s just like any Mexician resturant at home…My favorite Counter Service in Epcot is the Tangerine Cafe in Morroco…this place is…YUMMY! The day that you have open dinner plans in MK you should take the boat over to Whispering Canyon…I cannot say ENOUGH good things about that place…yum…its a good break from the parks and it’s close by…did i mention the food is great too?
I hope my kids rock like yours do…when I have them that is!


I like your plans! Our kids are very versatile like that, too. At least, when they were younger and could be strolled, they would take naps, no problem…now they are older, and don’t want to stop, either!

You’re going to have a blast!



I had not considered Boma. Thank you.


So yuckytori is out and Tangerine Cafe is in. DS loves Japanese food and we all are big fans of Sushi so we were leaning towards Japan over Morroco. We can get that at home, so I will try your suggestion. Thanks Bella.

Cantina de San Angel is mainly for the Margaritas, but we may just grab a drink there.


I am lucky that my kids love to go, go, go. They don’t complain and love Disney almost as much as their dad.


Kings Island-20-25 times a summer, you guys rock! Oh, you plans look great! :happy:


Season passes and the fact we live 20 minutes away helps a lot. Most of the kids in the neighborhood have season passes as well, so we go in groups.


Your kids are lucky they have such a cool dad! :wub: :mickey:


YUM! They have some good margaritas! They actually have pretty good CS as far as Mexican goes! The Taco Salads are delicious.

Your days seem PACKED and FUN!!! My son just turned 4 and he has been there 6 times already, and when we are there, we always GO, GO, GO too! If he gets tired, he lays down in the stroller (now we have a double stroller since I have a 7 month old). He doesn’t mind the waits, but he DOES have an attention problem, so sometimes that gets tough.

Your meals pretty much seem planned already, but you’re missing dinner on Friday the 13th. Do you want an ADR or do you just want to wing it? Since you will be at MK all day and plan to end your day there, what about a trip over to the Contemporary for Chef Mickeys or Concourse Steak House?


That is so cool to live so close!


oh it sounds so much fun and those are the days i want to have. No one else in my family will go for it though!!! Hope you have tons of fun!!!


You’re plans sound great!!! We are park commandos too! I can’t imgagine doing Disney any other way!! :wub: Have FUN!!


We are finding the extra magic hours in the morning great, you an get everything done is a very short space of time. In the evenings there are some many other people hanging around and not leaving the parks that it is taking longer to get to and on the rides.

Your plans look great, you are going to need another trip to recover from this one!


Wow those sound so much fun! And the mgm motor parade, I’ve always wanted to see that!


Awesome plans Cincy!
If you haven’t been to Earl of Sandwich yet, you are in for a treat!
Have Fun!!