Cinderella Castle


IF we can get a reservation, is it really worth the cost? To celebrate our anniversary we will be going to the Magic Kingdom. Are there any other character restaurants within MK in case it is booked? Also is it better to go to the castle for breakfast or lunch?


You can probably get a reservation, but I really think twice about here. It is good for both, but I think here more than anything else there is a feeling of being rushed to see the characters (not Cinderella because she is downstairs). There is no rush about eating, but those Princesses don’t spend a ton of time with their subjects. They are polite- don’t get me wrong, but I think this restaurant is more highly scrutinized/timed than anywhere else… The food is good, but if you are going for just food- then no. Overall, it is a great atmosphere and different than anywhere else… Are you taking any children? It might make a difference in my answer. My DD was 3 the first time we went, and she was in awe. It just depends on who will be there.


oh, and I think you might be able to get a reservation. I looked for our recent July trip- 10 days out and there were a lot…


Why don’t you hop the monorail and go to The Grand Floridian? 1900 Park Fare has a character dinner with Lady Tremaine and the stepsisters. I think Cinderella & Prince Charming are there too. We are booked for the castle, but only or the experience. I have eaten there before but wasn’t thrilled. I found it to be fancy diner food. But that was 9 years ago. I’m assuming its changed.


I’ve had breakfast in the Castle once and the atmosphere/fact I was in the castle was great, the food not so much! I’m not a big fan of american bacon/sausage/scrambled eggs and that’s pretty much all I got on my plate so it was a bit of a let down. The servers looked really rushed that morning and there was lot’s of running about. Character interaction was good, it was nice getting pictures with the Princess’ but really we could have got the same Princess’ outside of the castle at various meet and greets.

We did do an evening buffet at 1900 Park Fare that same trip and you did get to meet Cinderella and Prince Charming there too. 1900 felt more relaxed and you definatly got a lot more character interaction (and it was pretty packed out in there that night).

The novelty of eating in the Castle is a must-do-at-least-once I’d say but I’m not sold on it’s overall value.


Also has anyone done both Akershus at Epcot and the Cinderella Castle how do they compare with character interaction?


I forgot to mention we will be scheduling a lunch time ADR. I did a little research on 1900 park and found that they do a wonderland tea party, has anyone done this before? So decision time Wonderland tea time or Cinderella Castle?


We have done Akershus and keep going back. The interaction with the princesses is much better. Plus, all the little ladies get to participate in the princess parade around the inside of the restaurant. For me, the food is very good. Not the standard, and if you have picky eaters is can be a challenge. There are a few thing which are interactive at the castle such as waving all the magical wands that all the little ladies get and the pixie dust on the ceiling, but we still side with Akershus. Everyone should do the castle at least once though.


I bet you were married on Oct. 19!:happy:


I think if you have a chance to dine in the castle it’s a fun experience and worth the time and money just to do it once. We did it years ago because I wanted to see the inside of the castle. The food was nothing special but I thought the dining room was beautiful and that alone made it worth the money. We did an early breakfast and enjoyed walking up Main Street before the park opened. We were done just before the park opened and off to enjoy the rest of our day.


If we bring my dh grandchildren we try and get a reservation here for breakfast. I’m not a fan for lunch or dinner here, but that’s just me. We usually let the grandchildren go to the bippity boppity boo parlor before breakfast.


Yes we did:mickey:


If you have little ones with you, it is a wonderful option! If you don’t get in there, you might head over to Crystal Palace, which is so nice!


I honestly think everyone should experience at least once. I think it’s worth it to do so with or without kids.


We did the castle for lunch and actually enjoyed the food. Maybe we are the exception. The experience is really what we went for though, so perhaps that altered my perception of the food. We booked lunch since we did not really want to go for the scrambled eggs/bacon breakfast. I am certainly glad we did it, just because I can say we had the experience.