Cinderella Interaction


Taking my six year old DD who loves Cinderella and was wondering if Cinderella’s Royal Table or if the Cinderella’s Gala Feast at 1900 Park Fare has the best character interaction experience?



I absolutely love the intereaction at CRT and say go there. There is nothing more magical than eating with the princesses in the castle. If you find it hard to book, which it sometimes is, go for the 1900 park fare as a back up plan. If you do decide on Cindy’s in the magic kingdom, call exactly 180 days from the first day of your trip. You must call right when they open and cross your fingers that it isn’t booked. I don’t think it’s nearly as hard to get it now that there are other princess options, but it still is a popular meal and I would definately call first thing to get it. Be aware that you need to leave a deposit for that meal to hold the reservation. Have a credit card handy. The deposit is refundable should you cancel 24hours in advance.


I can’t give you first hand info on 1900 because we haven’t done that yet, however we are planning on it next trip. I did do CRT for breakfast in September and thought it was very nice. If you’re looking for Cinderella, it’s great. On the other hand, if you are looking for princesses in general, I like Akershus in Epcot much better (as far as character interaction and who appeared there). But I’m probably one of the ONLY ones to vote for Akershus over CRT!


Well, I love both! I love going to CRT there is just nothing like eating in the castle, very magical. However I love PSB too! We try to do both!

CRT vs. 1900 Park Fare - I would do CRT. We have done 1900 Park Fare and it was very nice but you see more characters (Princesses) at CRT and you get to eat in the castle! I vote CRT!


Park Fare was overcrowded. The tables are too close together. The food was so-so, and while the interaction was better than in a que, I didn’t feel it justified the cost.


You have to pay in advance in full for CRT now.


Akershus is a great option – and so many little girls go to that breakfast dressed in all their princess finery! You have to enter the park through the Future World entrance, I believe, and make your way around to Norway. But these little dolls just wowed the crowd when we were there befor ethe park opened – they felt so happy, little Snow and little Cindy and lots of little Auroras (even a tiny Tink!), being carried by their bog ol’ dads to their princess breakfast!


Awww! I love seeing stuff like that at WDW - it’s such a great part of the magic!


We have them both booked for our trip later this month! We booked CRT on the 180 day and was limited.


We did Park Faire a couple years ago and the interaction with Cinderella and Prince Charming was great! They each spent quite a bit of time with DD. She was wearing her Cinderella costume too, so it was even more exciting. We did CRT breakfast this past Oct and was not very happy with the character interaction. It was very rushed and it seemed like they just breezed by each table. Wendy from Peter Pan was the only one who seemed to spend any time at the tables and Cinderella certainly didn’t. That being said eating in the castle is a great experience in itself!


You saw Wendy? I didn’t get to see her at all my entire last week! She was at CRT? We only had Cindy, Snow, Aurora, and Mary Poppins. At PSB, we got Snow, Aurora, Ariel, Mulan and another Mary! I didn’t see Jasmine either, until our last day at MGM!


Wow…and we would’ve loved to see Ariel, but she wasn’t at PSB, but Jasmine was (DH was happy about that!! :wub: )!

At CRT, we saw Cindy, Snow, Aurora, Wendy and Alice (no Mary Poppins). I guess the princesses vary. I do remember reading somewhere that they don’t guarantee which princesses will be there.