Cinderella & Maleficent


Two retelling projects in development due in 2013… VERY interesting !

After the billion-dollar worldwide success of Alice in Wonderland, Disney is digging through their animated vaults for inspiration, including [B]a live-action edition of Cinderella[/B]. Currently, the rumor mill suggests that [B]Amanda Seyfried[/B] possesses the foot upon which the glass slipper fits, and has signed on to star in the remake. Disney reportedly paid seven figures for the pitch from Aline Brosh McKenna (The Devil Wears Prada), though not much is known yet on what her take on the material is. Alongside Cinderella, Disney is also developing an update on Sleeping Beauty (entitled [B]Maleficent[/B]) under the rumored team of [B]Tim Burton and Angelina Jolie[/B].

I hope both movies will be produced ! Can’t wait to see the result (even though I was highly dissapointed with Burton’s Alice… I usually like everything he creates… and I guess “Maleficent” will be less kid-oriented than Alice was)


THAT would be something else! I hope it happens, too! Those are two of my FAVORITE stories! Thanks for the post :slight_smile:


I just hope the two projects WILL ACTUALLY become movies, let’s pray they won’t abort along the way… I really wanna see these movies !


Im looking forward to Tim Burtons Malificent as I love his style of films and he had great success with Alice In Wonderland, plus it will be a different story as its from Malificents point of view…but i dont know if im gunna be a fan of Cinderella being re made or not. Its TOO much of a disney classic to get re-made in my eyes and im scared incase they end up ruining the classical film. I just think if this is the new trend, re-making disney films into live action films then they will just end up loosing their traditional magic along the way


While I’m super excited for Tim Burton’s Maleficent, I cannot say the same for a remake of Cinderella. If the story would be told from a different perspective (perhaps center the story around Prince Charming or even the Fairy Godmother) it would be something to see! Also, I think Amanda Seyfried is a very talented actress, but I feel she’s just a bit old to be playing Cinderella IMO.


Very interesting!! I look forward to seeing these movies! My favorite Cinderella story is “Ever After” with Drew Barrymore. Loved that movie!!


I too was disappointed with Alice and I am usually a huge fan of Tim Burton. So I will be excited to see Malificent, and Angelina Jolie too? Hmm interesting stuff!


very excited for Cinderella… i love Amanda Siegfried. and i loved alice by tim burton but Angelina Jolie not too excited. maybe with a different actress/


Just watched that tonight love this film!


I’m excited about the retelling of Sleeping Beauty from Maleficent’s point of view as she is my favourite Disney Character not just favourite villan. However, I think Cinderella has been told a thousand different ways in real action. If they want to sell a retelling of it, they do need to tell it from another point of veiw. I think the stepsisters or gus gus’ perspective on the story would be fun!!!