What time do they normally hold Cinderellabration? We’ll be at the MK on 9/30…want to make sure that we don’t book PS while the event is going on.

Thanks. :mickey:


It’s done several times throughout the day - so you should have a chance to catch it! Just check the Times Guide when you arrive.


When we were there in Sept, in ran almost every two hours…we caught it in the daytime, but I hear the night show is spectacular! Personally, Cinderellabration quickly made its way to the top of my fav list!! It’s a don’t miss!


rough guess would be 930am ish, 1030ish 1130ish, then 430ish and maybe 530ish depending on park closing, wishes and spectromagic. Although those could change and is only a educated guess based on this past sept.


If you miss it because of a lunch or dinner reservation,it’s no big deal. In my opinion,it wasn’t such a great thing.


I recommend choosing the latest showing of it, if you’re going during the warm months. I was there in July, and even though it was cloudy, the ground so WAY WAY WAY too hot to sit on.


If there is a show when its dark out, its a better then the daytime shows as previously stated. However I wouldn’t hold out hope on there being a night time show on the OP date.


Ditto thought. The shows at MGM & AK are don’t miss. This one is rather boring. My 3yo DD loved it. The rest of us just waited for it to end.