Has anyone had the great experience of Tasting this Warm Pretzle Bread. This was soo amazing that i ordered about 2 extra baskets for the table (unfortunatly they fell into my aunts purse, WHAT A SHAME) To top it off they came with PRETZLE BUTTER Oh my goodness DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!!

Sorry if im being overdramtic but its been a year since i have been and im Ripping my hair out!


Not overdramtic, the pretzel bread is AMAZING! I haven’t been to CRT since the changes so I am HOPING it’s still there. We should figure out the recipe Just.


The Biergarten in Epcot has the best pretzel bread on WDW property.


Le Cellier has AWESOME prezel bread. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Where can I get this besides CRT???


biregartens is very, very good


That’s what I was going to say. The pretzel bread I had there was OMG fantastic!

What is pretzel butter? I haven’t ever heard of it.


I love pretzel bread!!!