Cinderella's Royal Table, Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner


Which is best and why? Want to make sure my daughter gets to meet Cinderella.


We are booked for lunch (because there were no available breakfast times). I thought breakfast might be best because then you don’t have to shift gears to go to a sit down lunch in the middle of the afternoon, but I am sure ANY chance for my DD to meet Cinderella would be great in her eyes.:wub:

I look forward to seeing what others say.


I have only eat at CRT for breakfast… but it was wonderful. My DD met Cinderella, Belle, Mary Poppins, Arora, & Snow White.


Wow…is that who is usually there? I didn’t realize so many of the princesses are there.


Everyone who dines at Cinderella’s Royal Table is guaranteed to meet Cinderella (all other princesses are pending). However, I’m assuming you want the greeting to be a little bit more than a quick autograph and a picture. If you’re hoping to get some more character interaction, I suggest earliest or latest possible times during the particular meal that you choose. Lunch would probably be the least crowded meal, but I’m just guessing. Dinner, I’m assuming, will be packed (well, during peak season, every meal is packed).


Yes! We have eaten there 3x’s and each time they were all there. Down in the lobby they usually have a fairy god mother you can sit and take a picture with.


Not sure when the change was made. Early 2006 I believe, but you now meet Cinderella downstairs and have your picture made with her. The picture is yours to keep as part of the package. With 2 kids, you get 1 picture, since we had 3 kids, they took two pictures. We did one of all the kids and 1 of just our DD.

After meeting Cinderella and going upstairs, we met Sleeping Beauty, Mary Poppins and Snow White. Snow White was not there the day we went in June, but she was last January (2006). The boys received a small sword and our daughter received a magic wand to take home. Also, they all received a small star to make a wish with.

IMHO, I would schedule a lunch rather than breakfast next time. We have done both, but I think we will go back to the lunch.


A dream come true!!! I cannot wait:happy:


Wow, it’s great to know they changed this. We went in 2004 for my DD 5th birthday, and it was “There is no guarantee you will see any Princesses, it’s just a treat to eat in the castle” While we were eating we kept seeing Princesses come out of a door and go right downstairs. After the meal we were lucky to meet Aurora in the downstairs lobby. (At the time she was my DD’s fav)

We’ll have to try this again NOW THAT IT’S A REAL Princess dining experience.


We have seen them at Lunch and at Breakfast. I do not know about dinner. Maybe someone else will know.


We have eaten lunch and breakfast and we prefer the breakfast. We had the last lunch seating of the day and the princesses were less than magical. Most of them (with the exception of Aurora) acted like they just wanted to be done with day. Breakfast on the other hand was awesome. The princesses were VERY magical and DD loved it. She wants to go back for breakfast in 2008.


It was my understanding that the Dinner seating was not a character meal (i.e. no princesses), but I may be wrong.

We’ve done B’fast before, and last year was our first Lunch experience.

The only complaint about Lunch is that, IMO, the menu is not particularly kid-friendly. So you’re paying alot of money (and I really don’t complain about WDW costs) for food your kids might not even like.

The Breakfast, by contrast, is a pretty good spread. Also, if you get a good seating, you’ll have a headstart on touring that end of the park.


Well, until recently, dinner was no character. But now, you can dine with the princesses at Cinderella’s Royal Table every meal.


We enjoyed both breakfast and lunch there. I think the character interaction is great. You probably get more time with the characters at this restaurant than any other. The lunch and dinner menu seem kind of limited to me. If you can get a breakfast ADR, I would do that. It can be hard to do, the book up fast. I just think it is a little easier to find something for everyone at breakfast. It is served family style with the typical eggs, bread, potatoes and these yummy french toast danish thingys. Yum-O!! Good luck!!


We’ve eaten there twice for breakfast and has the opportunity to meet The Fairy Godmother, Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Sleeping Beauty and Mary Poppins. One time was for my DD’s 5th birthday and they each signed a special take home placemat. Given the fact that they have had some changes there, however, I’m not quite sure how things are set up now.:confused:


Since they’ve changed the package to include a picture package, I’ve got no need to return to CRT. I was never a fan of their breakfast menu to start with, it’s all too overpriced now. Unless it’s a first time or some sort of girls’ tradition, I’d do Chef Mickey’s, Crystal Palace, 1900 Park Fare, Goofy’s Beach Club, or Donald’s Breakfastosaurus (soon to become Donald’s Jungle Buffet).


I must agree with the price hike! Since we have 3 years worth of photos with the princesses… I do not plan to pay those prices for breakfast unless it is a special occasion.


I checked the website and it only says $30-$50. . so how much is breakfast anyway?


Breakfast for adults is $31.99, kids $21.99, after November 11, the price goes up $1, but holiday prices are $4 above normal and is charged from Nov 18-24 and Dec 16-Jan 5.
Lunch is currently $34/23 going up to $36/24 and holiday $40/26
Dinner is $40/25 $41/26 and $45/28 and that’s an awful lot of money for a kid’s meal.


Is it on the DDP?