Cinderella's Royal Table Breakfast


I prepaid for this meal already and I believe it included the tax. Did it include the tip too or do I need to pay that when we go?


Prepaid, you mean you gave them your credit card.
If so, that is just to HOLD the reservation.
I would contact Disney Dining and make sure that your meal is paid for.

I am using DDP and I had to use my Credit Card to hold my reservation and if I don’t show up they will charge my card.


They already charge my credit card. I will admit it was the most excited I have ever been to see a charge on my card!

Do I still need to pay tip?


We went a couple of years back and they didn’t! But it my be different now.


If you’re not using the DDP, they charge you for the meal in advance. You can cancel ahead of time and get your money back.

If you tell them you’re using the DDP, they will use the card to hold the ADR, but will not charge unless you’re a no-show.

I don’t think the tip is included.


I decided not to use the DDP because I thought 2 table service credits was way too much.


Good decision. I thought the tip was included but after looking around I don’t think it is, AllEars states that tax and gratuity extra are extra.


The policy did change. Last year when we booked, they only charged a deposit, $40 I think.


Yes CRT is now a “pay in full” when you book. It does include the 18% tip. I made ADR’s for November, had to pay in full and was told that it included the tip.:smile:


I’m so glad the tip is included, cuz, the price is wack!


That it is…I was like what???..but I had to get the picture of my boys with …Her:blush: :blush:


You said it!


That better be one great picture! :laugh:

Seriously - there is nothing cooler than eating in the castle…I’ve debated it, and debated it…but, Matt keeps vetoing…cuz, 108 dollars for breakfast just isn’t coo’


I know, right? :happy:


That is how it was when we were there in May. Everything was included.
I would still ask if you are not sure though - they change things so quickly sometimes!


We ate there once and that will be all. The food is ok. But the pictures of the boys with Jasmine are great. I can’t wait to pull them out when they bring home a date from college.


I made reservations yesterday and was told it included tax and gratutity.


So it does sound like that is included! That is great to know. More money for souvenirs


Now Erin, I have that lunch ADR on the Sept. 8 I’m going to cancel if you want it…(that doesn’t mean I’m paying:laugh: )