Cinderella's Royal Table Fairtale Lunch Anyone?


Here’s the deal–we have an ADR for the Fairytale Lunch at CRT for 1pm on Friday, September 8th that we are going to cancel. This one has all the Princesses, of course (like the breakfast).

If anyone is interested, I’m assuming we could arrange in advance a time and date for me to cancel and if someone interested could call immediately after and nab the ADR.

For the (probably none at MB) uninitiated, here’s the Allears poop on the FairyTale Lunch…

[B][I]Cinderella’s Royal Table - Located on the second floor of Cinderella Castle this restaurant serves the Once Upon A Breakfast character breakfast every morning. Characters vary, but almost always include Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother and may include Belle, Jasmine and Snow White.

As of February 1, 2006, dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table is as follows:

– Breakfast and Lunch are Disney Princess-themed character meals. When you arrive at Cinderella Castle for your reservation, a photographer will be on hand to take pictures of your group in the lobby, before you are seated in the dining room. A package with four 4x6 prints and one 6x8 print of your photo, as well as one 6x8 print of Cinderella Castle, in a Cinderella photo holder (valued at $29.95 plus tax) will be delivered to you during your meal, which will be from a fixed-price, set menu. (Additional photos may be purchased.)

Breakfast: $31.99 ages 10 and up; $21.99 ages 3-9.

Lunch: $33.99 ages 10 and up; $22.99 ages 3-9.[/I][/B]


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