Cinderella's Royal Table? Opinions


Can I ask my fellow Mousebuzzer’s their true opinion of Cinderella’s Royal Table. I want to do something special with my Mom, and I think she would get a giggle out of this. But, very pricey, so want to know if it’s worth it.


I think the atmosphere gets a 10 +++++… you can’t beat it. The food gets a 6… It is ok, but the atmosphere is totally worth the whole experience at least once. That being said, if it is not in the budget this year, you are by no means missing the best meal on property… There are others that are better… But it is a fun place to eat…


IMO when I took my Mommom there in May (she is 72) she cried/ she thought it was so special. The food was wonderful. NOW…when I went for Newyears eve I took the kids there for breakfast and didn’t care for it. We were packed in there like sardines and the food wasn’t anything to write home about. IMO lunch was awesome. We had a table not a bench booth.


Ohhhh…Ohanas for dinner ROCKS! You may want to try there.


We’ve been for breakfast a couple of times and enjoyed it. Dining IN the castle was awesome and the food was good. I think everyone needs to do it once because it really is special.


I agree with everything DT said! We had breakfast there and it was yummy! The Princesses were great and it’s fun to be in the castle and see all the little Princesses in training! :laugh:

It’s worth doing at least once! :happy:


We enjoyed breakfast in 05 but didn’t like the dinner experience of 07. We are going to try and eat there for breakfast in Sept. but if only dinner is available we will surely pass.


I’ve never been (it’s always booked when we call… but we never called 180 days in advance, so it’s our own fault… we typically book our entire vacation two weeks before! :laugh:), but I would recommend breakfast verses lunch and dinner (and I’m not much of a breakfast person). It’s the least expensive meal (dinner is most expensive and not even a real character meal) and if you book it at an early time, you can get into the park before everyone else (and it’s not a huge setback for the day).


I agree breakfast is the meal to choose if you do that restaurant. You’re definitely paying for atmosphere there and it’s worth it.


I think if you know it’s something your mom would really enjoy, then go ahead and give it a try. You do know how hard it is to get, right? There’s a whole routine on how to get a breakfast ressie there.


Unfortunately, with it being such a short trip, we won’t get into the park until afternoon, so it would have to be dinner. I already tried getting a dinner adr (because I agree, I need to try once, for the atmosphere), but to no avail. Any hints on the “routine” to get in?


I don’t think it’s anywhere near as difficult to get as breakfast, but I would do it the same way: Set your alarm and get up to dial Disney Dining as soon as it opens (I believe it’s still 7am EST, right?) on the day it becomes available to you. If you find it difficult to get the first day, have your DH dial on another line at the same time the second day.


As far as I’m concerned, CRT is too pricey for what is offered.
A good portion of the total cost is the included photo package (which we don’t want or need).
Also, I’m not fond of the characters that are the star cast members.
On the other hand, if you have a young daughter (or son) that enjoys the prince and princess thing, you will need to eat here once. (But not more than once).
We ate dinner there several years back, before they went full time character meal and enjoyed our meals, but the menu has been altered since then.
We also ate breakfast there even longer ago, but I’ve never been a fan of pre-plated breakfasts that I have no choice over.
But you’re going for the princesses and the atmosphere, not the food.

Edit: I looked over the dinner menu and it isn’t bad. It is however, not worth 2 dining credits.
In fact, if you are on a dining plan, I’d still pay out of pocket and use the credits for a meal somewhere else where you’ll get more value for your credits.


Yes, it is still 7 AM eastern.


I would check in to Le Cellier or Ohana’s. I am not a fan of Cinderella’s Royal Table?!


Of these three, you have the best chance of getting a reservation at 'Ohana.
As for Le Cellier?

Good luck with that!!!
(No seriously, good luck with that, Le Cellier is the hardest reservation of all to get. Even at 90 days, your chances are poor.)


My dear hubbie surprised me with dinner at the castle when we went to the World on our honeymoon. We had a late enough setting that about three fourths of the way through our meal, the fireworks started and we had a wonderful view. The food was okay. The atmosphere was divine! Very special and memorable.


I was not impressed with it there. I would take O’hanna any day. The food at the Castle is not that great. If I ever do go back though, I am going to make the reservation under the last name of “Shaft”. That way when they page me, they will say now seating the “Royal Shaft” family !!:laugh:


We ate there just once and although it was wonderful to be inside the castle and the atmosphere was just great, the food sadly was not good at all.
We had the lunch menu and apparently we heard after breakfast was a far better option.
Glad we did it though but wouldn’t do it again.


You only think you had a wonderful view.:pirate:
In fact, you missed half the show because all you saw were the high bursts that are shot from just north of the MK railroad track. You didn’t see any of the stuff that is shot from the right and left of the castle.
I hope you got to watch Wishes another night from the hub or Main Street.