Cinderella's Royal Table


I have reservations for lunch at Cinderella’s Royal Table on February 1st at 2:05 p.m. This is the first day that the new pricing goes into effect.

When I called to make reservations, I mentioned that Snow White is my daughter’s favorite princess and the CM told me in no uncertain terms that Snow White would not be there. ONLY “Cinderella and the Royal Family.” I asked if there would be ANY other princesses there and again she said, “No. Only Cinderella and the Royal Family. If you want to see Snow White, make reservations at the Princess breakfast at Epcot.”

Are they eliminating the additional princesses from Cinderella’s Royal Table with the new pricing/format?? Could it be that our meal time - 2:05 p.m. - is too close to the afternoon parade, so there won’t be other characters there? I’m confused. Based on trip reports I’ve seen/read, it seemed like there were many princesses at these meals.


I would call back and ask specifically what is meant by Cinderella and the Royal Family,and if you aren’t given a satisfactory answer,then cancel the whole thing and go with the meal at Epcot.


They may make a change, but on 1/18/06 we saw Cinderella (Downstairs only), Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Mary Poppins, Fairy Godmother.


I would definitely call back. Royal Family could mean anything.


I believe Cinderella and the Royal Family would be whoever you see in Cinderellabration, like Cinderella, the Prince, the King (Prince’s father), and maybe the Duke. Perhaps Cindy kicked all the other girls out of her house? :biggrin:


They will not guarantee which princesses will be there, but in the past snow white is usually there. Call back and ask a different CM the same question. You will be surprised how many different answers you can get by making multiple phone calls. Royal family in the past was a variety or princesses, mary poppins and possibly peter pan. Unless they are changing the meal completely, then that is what you should expect. I saw snow white there and at the princess breakfast at epcot…matter of fact, snow white has been at the castle every time I have gone there.

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Dana is right, you will get so many different answers when you talk to different CMs. One thing I am always told when I book a character meal is that “characters are subject to change.” Call back and ask another CM and see what you get. Then, if you don’t get the answer you want and you really want to meet Snow White you may want to book the other princess meal.


I’m with the rest of them. Call and ask again. You decide what to do from there. She has always been there in the past, but with the new format you never know what they are going to do.


Plus, the Princesses now have their own tent(or something) in toontown so you could still keep your CRT meal and then just visit Snow White at Toon Town .

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oh my. i never heard anything about CRT only having the cast of cinderella. i hope it’s not like that at all. 1900 park fare has the cast of cinderella. why have them at CRT? but, if your daughter wants to meet Snow White, go for Princess Storybook just to be safe. they serve the exact breakfast you would eat at CRT and most of the princesses are there except for Cindy of course. it’s a good time. it really is. Princess Storybook is easier to get a ressie for than CRT anyway. good luck.


first of all - WELCOME to Disney Central!!!
second of all - I agree with everyone else, just call back and you’ll (hopefully) speak to a different CM and they’ll maybe have something else to say.


Actually, I have been to CRT 3 times for breakfast over the past 2 years and Snow White has been there every time. Maybe it’s different for lunch?


My only thought is this is the FIRST day of the new pricing structure. It would suprise me that they would raise prices and reduces princesses at the same time, but…


Thanks for your input! I sent an e-mail to Disney today and said puh-leeeeze don’t take the princesses away from CRT. :crying:

We are leaving on Tuesday – doing the single digit dance - and will return on Sunday, Feb. 5th. I’ll report back when we return and let you know what the new CRT setup is like.

I know that no matter what, we’ll have an awesome time at CRT – my daughter’s Snow White costume is all ready to go and she looks sooo beautiful – so I’m not too worried!!


Be sure and take lots of pictures!!! I bet you are so excited, too!!!

CRT rules!


I find that Disney is intentionally vague as to which characters are going to be at meals. I guess things are always subject to change, and they’d rather err on that side.

This is a big change though, because I was there just days ago and Snow White figured prominently among the princesses there.

On a side note, I spoke with my server about the upcoming changes, and she seemed to think that many of the CM’s that work there are a little nervous about these changes.


I am planning on going to dinner in Cinderella’s Royal table.
What is your input?

Thanks so much…


What a shame!!! Snow White kissed my little DS on the cheek at the CRT breakfast, and he marched around all day with the bright red smooch mark proudly on display! It was so special!