Cinderella's Royal Table


Ok, so I just made a reservation for next Saturday (dinner)

It’s about 100 dollars for me and my girlfriend. I just wanted some opinions on the overall experience. Is it worth it? Will it have a lasting impression?

I just don’t want to waste 100 dollars for something that isn’t worth it. Thanks!


Hey, Lefty!

First of all, Welcome to DC!! You’ll love it here!

Secondly, GOOD FOR YOU! Cinderella’s Royal Table seems like such a great place to eat :wub:

I have heard the food is “decent” - nothing over the top as far as quality.

But, the atmosphere is INCREDIBLE.

I’d say the overall EXPERIENCE -is- worth it!

I hope you enjoy yourself, and please let us know how this Saturday works for you!

I’ll be there Saturday night (at the MK, not at CRT), too!


We had dinner there for our 15th anniversary back in 2002. The food was good, but the view is incredible. There are better restaurants, but there’s something ‘magical’ about eating inside the castle. Go and enjoy.


Lefty, great choice! We’ve gone there on all three of our WDW trips and have never gotten a bad meal. The food is very good and the view is, indeed, spectacular. One of the times we went was my daughter’s birthday and we were able to pre-order a special birthday cake for her. We munched on it for the next three days. Don’t know if you and your girlfriend are celebrating anything special, but you may want to think about that. Have a great time and let us know how it went.


It is worth it for the atmosphere alone! You will not be disappointed. Welcome to DC!


Picture with Cinderella…Eat in the castle…= worth it. :smile:

Welcome to DC :smile:


Welcome to DC
I have not been to CRT since the change so I cannot say yeah or nay on it. But what I can tell you is that though we enjoyed eating in the castle I kind of felt rushed and the food was better at Chef Mickey’s. Just my opinion everyone stop throwing stuff at me.


Hey, Lefty, I’m not sure if you know it, but…

you can check out the menu at click on the dining tab, and then Magic Kingdom restaurants on the left hand side :c)


Well my girlfriend’s 20th birthday is only a couple days after our trip, so I’m thinking they may be able to set up something nice for her birthday? Are there any complimentary desserts, or candles (or something?)


Hi Lefty! Welcome to DC xxx

Ok, CRT is a really cool place to dine. We have dined here a few times now, for evening meal and breakfast ( Breakfast is a character meal with the princesses by the way).
The food is ok. Nothig particularly special for the amount they charge but at he end of the day for me it’s about the overall enjoyment and experience of it all.
It is not every day that you can tell your friends that you have eaten a meal in the Castle!

Try to get a window seat if you can in time for the fireworks as it’s wonderful when your in the middle of your meal, the lights dim, the music fades in and you just know there are a zillion people outside huddled toghter to watch the awesome display and there you are…IN THE CASTLE…EATING A LOVELY MEAL…WITH THE ONE YOU LOVE…AND WATCHIN THE FIREWORKS IN A COMFORTABLE SEAT!!!

It’s just gotta be done my friend. Enjoy it.


What time are the fireworks? My reservation is for 8:20. Can I call ahead of time, or do I need to just get there early and make a request to sit near the window (?)


Wishes starts at 10:00pm on 3/4/06 :smile:


Well, we just asked when we got there and were lucky but I would probably try early and give them a call beforehand. Yeah, wishes is at 10pm.


I am going to have to agree that the main entrees are nothing FABULOUS. If you want food quality and want to spend that money i would choose California Grill. ALTHOUGH, the atmosphere is what makes it worth it, ABSOLUTELY! The pretzel bread is fabulous and the “crown sundae” for dessert is adorable. It has a little chocolate crown and sprinkles on top!

There we are eating our sundaes!!!:heart:


We have not tried lunch or supper yet but we love having breakfast there. There is nothing like eating in the castle and looking out over the Magic Kingdom.


I too have not had dinner, I’ve only had breakfast there, but I believe it’s worth it just to eat in the castle.

Welcome to DC and have a great trip!


Who do I have to pay to get a window view when Wishes comes around? :tongue:


I’ve dined there 4 times, 2 were excellent and 2 were just O.K. That was before the price increase. For the money, I would go to California Grill.


i say that its realy realy nice , last year i had brekfast there and WOW just watching the park fill up at the window ! i loved it i give it 20 out of 10


I have CRT question… I have reservation for dinner 2 kids 2 adults, does Cinderella show for the dinner or only breakfast and lunch?