Cinderella's royal table


My husband and I were able to get reservations to Cinderella’s Royal Table and were looking at the menu for the dinner. He wants the prime rib but he wants to know if you can sub mashed potatoes for the gratin potatoes. I really have no idea what to order. I was thinking about the lamb chops but I’ve actually never had lamb before. What about the salmon? Help please!!!:confused:


Can you get a picture with Cinderella for dinner or is she just there for breakfast?


Yes, you can get your picture with her at dinner- she is in the lobby for when you first enter the room to wait to be called upstairs. My husband got the salmon- and he really liked it… I can’t help with the substitution, but I bet they would do it.


We just ate there on Monday for DD’s birthday. I had the prime rib and DH had the lamb chops. I liked the potatoes that came with mine, but I heard someone at another table substituting a different potato with their meal and it was not a problem. I thought DH’s lamb was better than my prime rib (and I’ve only had lamb once or twice in my life), but both were pretty good. I’d also recommend the corn & crab soup over the castle salad…DH had the soup, and after trying it, I wished I’d ordered that instead. The presentation for the soup is also really cute, but I won’t ruin it for you. :slight_smile:

They did pictures with Cindy upon check-in, and then took us upstairs to our table. They gave DD a magic wand, and she really had fun watching the Godmother and mice perform. The picture package (which is included) was one 6x8 - most random photo size ever - and 4 wallets, I think. All in all, a pretty good experience. Hope you enjoy it!