Cinderella's Royal Table


I plan on calling tomorrow, but does anyone know how far in advance you can start making reservations for Cinderella’s Royal Table? I booked our trip for January and DVC told me they could only book them 180 days out. I thought I had read somewhere you could do it up to a year ahead. But then again, maybe that was Hoop-De-Doo Review?:confused:


We have gone 2x and both were 180 day out reservations. The first we called in…crazy experience… had to call at the crack of dawn 180 days out…got disconnected and had to call back! Finally did get through and get the ADR.
The second we made online and we got what we wanted right away.
Good Luck!


180 days is the standard, but check the online system, it might let you go further out!


IT should be 180days out from check in date and you can than book up to an additional 10 past your checkin day. so if you are wanting to go on lets say day 5 you can call you can call at 180 day from check in date and book for 185 days out. I hope that helps without confusing you.


It’s usually 180 days out from the day you want to have the meal. We managed to secure a table for breakfast 2 trips previous and had no problems on the phone, we just had to make sure we got the time difference right!


I do believe we made ours on line too and had no problems getting a lunch time table and that was in advance too.


Thanks everyone! I’ve set my calendar alarm for the reminder 180 days out.